Procure to Pay (P2P)



The P2P Pilot Groups are:

  • HASS: Business School
  • SAgE: Civil Engineering & Geosciences
  • Medical Sciences: Institute for Ageing & Health
  • Central Services: Finance & Planning and ISS

The Pilots have been heavily involved with the project as it has developed and are currently engaged in UAT (User Acceptance Testing). Pilot group training will take place in February with the project going live to these areas in March.

The planned rollout schedule for the University is shown in the table below.

  Dec 10 Jan 11 Feb 11 March 11 April 11 May 11 June 11 July 11 Aug 11
Pilots   UAT EUT Go-live          
HASS       UET EUT Go-live      
Central Services         EUT EUT Go-live    
Medical Sciences           EUT EUT Go-live  
SAgE             EUT EUT Go-live
  • UAT = User Acceptance Testing
  • EUT = End User Training

Each school /service/ unit has elected an Implementation Manager. Implementation Managers are local representatives who will help the P2P team drive the move to the new system within their areas. The team are meeting with Implementation Managers over the coming months to discuss the requirements of their area and plan together the necessary changes.

Purchasing Cards

As part of the P2P project purchasing cards are being re-launched. The new system for purchasing cards goes live in February 2011. For more details on purchasing cards visit the purchasing card pages of the P2P website.