Procure to Pay (P2P)


All necessary staff will be fully trained to ensure that they are comfortable with the new system and processes. Training will be via face to face training sessions and documentation. Training guides are available via the University web pages.

SRM Training

SRM training dates are yet to be finalised but will take place as follows:

  • Pilots areas: February 2011
  • HASS: March and April 2011
  • Central Services: April and May 2011
  • Medical Sciences: May and June 2011
  • SAgE: June and July 2011
Purchasing Card Training

Purchasing card training has already taken place however anyone wanting to book a 1-1 session can do so by contacting the SAP training team using the appropriate booking form: for bookings up to 25th February 2011 or for bookings from the 26th February 2011.

Purchasing card training guides are available via the University web pages.