Frequently Asked Questions

Authorisations and Access

Who will have access to use the system?

This decision will be made by individual Schools and Services.

Will staff based away from King's campus who currently come in to the University to process SAP transactions be able to access the new system off-site?

Yes, the system will be available to locally identified users via a secure web link. Further discussions will take place with staff based, for example, at the farms, the Dove Marine Laboratory, etc to ensure that their specific needs are addressed in the design and build of the new system.

How will authorisations work in the new system?

The authorisation/approvals structure will follow a simple three step model with financial limits set at each stage. Approval will be managed electronically through workflow within the SRM system. Users may self-authorise low value purchases which are from catalogue, i.e. budget holder approval will not be required for low value transactions. For more information on approvals click here.

If authorisation is not required for low value catalogue items what controls will there be in the system?

Self authorisation will not be given to all staff. Decisions will be taken at the local level as to which staff will have access to the system and be able to place orders. The system will have the functionality to produce reports detailing spend by each user and such reports should be regularly analysed at the local level.

Will there be enough information available electronically for nominated staff to allow them to authorise an order?

Email approval will include details of items to be purchased, supplier, the person requesting the items and value, etc. It will not be possible to approve purchases via overview and without reviewing what is actually being purchased.

Can the budget holder designate someone else to approve shopping baskets?

This is called a substitute and is currently being addressed.

If approvals are managed via emails what will happen if my manager isn't available to authorise my shopping cart or doesn't want to be involved in this part of the process?

The approvals structure will be built into the SRM system. Decisions will be taken locally as to which staff are approvers. The introduction of the new system may give Schools/Services the opportunity to address the way they currently work. If it would be more convenient for one academic to be approver rather than another then you can build this into the way your area will work with P2P.

What happens once my cart has been approved?

The cart will be automatically converted to a purchase order and will be sent to the supplier(s).

What happens if my cart is rejected?

The approver will enter a reason for the rejection and this will route the cart back to the cart creators SRM inbox. The cart creator then has the option to accept the changes or change the cart. If the creator accepts the rejection the cart line rejected will be removed. If the cart is changed it will be resubmitted through the approval process.