Frequently Asked Questions

Suppliers and Catalogues


How do I make a purchase?

Any purchases you wish to make need to be done so via an SRM shopper/expert buyer. There are designated staff with these roles within each school and service. To make a purchase you need to submit a completed web requisition form to your section's shoppers/expert buyers who will raise the order on your behalf.

Where can I find the web requisition form?

The form can be accessed via https://apps.ncl.ac.uk/P2pwebrequisition

How do I complete the web requisition form?

Details on how to complete the form can be found via the web requisition pages of the P2P website.

How do I access SRM?

SRM is accessed via the myWorkPlace portal.

What is the e-market place?

SRM is linked to the e-marketplace via 'punch out' technology. Our chosen e-marketplace is called Parabilis. Parabilis is industry standard and is used by numerous organisations including several in the HE sector. Catalogues are hosted by Parabilis and this is where you will search for the goods you require. Searches can be limited by manufacturer or supplier. If you know the catalogue number or product number of an exact item, this can also be searched for here. For more information on the e-marketplace click here.

Is Parabilis part of the SAP bundle?

No it's an approved and well tested plug-in to SAP.

Which other HE institutes currently use Parabilis?

  • St Andrews University
  • University of Exeter
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Greenwich
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Leeds Metropolitan University
  • University of Plymouth
  • University of Southampton

What about custom orders from suppliers that aren't on SAP? How do we get these suppliers on to the system?

Adding new vendors to SAP will operate in the same way as current practice. Click here for details. All suppliers must be approved by Procurement Services.

You say there are 7-8,000 suppliers. Do we need to interface with all of their websites?

We are working on a solution to be able to use spreadsheets and free text.

If I want to order goods from several different suppliers do I need to create several shopping carts?

No, a single shopping cart can contain numerous items from a range of suppliers. Once a cart has been approved individual purchase orders will be automatically created by the system and will be sent to the suppliers selected.

How do I know what the other people in my team have been ordering?

The system has an option to shop via team carts. Team carts enable all members within a specified group to be able to access each others carts.

Can we still purchase from foreign vendors?

This depends on the supplier. If the University already uses the supplier there won't be an issue as they will already be set up on SAP. It is intended that transaction will take place as per UK vendors, i.e. via catalogues, free text, etc. One-off purchases are more complicated and are currently being addressed. Foreign purchasing is complicate due to the legislation surrounding Intrastat, etc. We'd value your input to this issue. If you'd like to get involved in the working group looking at this please contact us at p2p@ncl.ac.uk

Can I still buy the specialist items I need to buy?

Yes, so long as purchases comply with the University's existing procurement policies. P2P is not about stopping people buying what they legitimately need to buy. Where requirements cannot be met via the marketplace users can enter a free text description of the goods or service they require for vendors that are on SAP. The cart will go through the same approvals process as per purchases from the e-marketplace however there will be no self-approval for free text items. Purchasing cards can be used for non-SAP vendors.

Can I still include specific instructions for the vendor via my shopping cart?

Yes, it will be possible to add notes to shopping carts.

How will internal trading work in the new system?

It is intended that internal recharges will be minimised and removed wherever possible. The University has introduced a new facility called the WebStore to take online payments. The WebStore is ideally suited to managing activities such as training course bookings and payments. Click here to visit the WebStore.

What about small vendors that do not have the ability to invoice electronically or have an on-line catalogue?

We are developing the ability for such vendors (e.g. window cleaners, etc.) to transact with us via spreadsheets and hope to engage them through the vendor portal. Further information will be available on this as we develop the system.

How do I use the Sigma Aldrich delivery charge catalogue?

A delivery charge catalogue has been set up for Sigma Aldrich so their charges can be added to baskets/orders. Delivery charge catalogues for other vendors will be set up in due course. Click here for instruction on how to use the Sigma Aldrich delivery charge catalogue (pdf).