School of Pharmacy

Staff Profile

Dr Wing Man Lau

Senior Lecturer


Areas of Research Interest:

Transdermal and topical drug delivery: Delivery of drugs via the skin is advantageous because it avoids first-pass metabolism and minimises systemic side effects. However, the outer skin barrier prevents effective drug uptake. The focus of this work is on the use of sophisticated drug design and delivery systems (e.g. pro-drugs/co-drugs; biologically/mechanically triggered, site-specific drug release from polymers) to overcome the outer skin barrier.

Drug toxicity testing: Our work focuses on the impact of the drug system at the cellular level using a range of tissue culture and molecular biology techniques including immunocytochemistry, flow cytometry and Western Blot analysis. The ultimate aim is to improve drug formulation, bioavailability, safety and patient acceptability.

Wound healing: In this work, we study the cellular effects of different wound healing treatments (including hyperbaric oxygen therapy) using monolayer cell cultures and to understand the cellular mechanisms underpinning the wound healing process.

Other research interests are:

Clinical practice research: This work involves promoting the effective use of drugs in the primary and secondary care settings, by enhancing the roles of various healthcare professionals in patient education. This is done by identifying the current barriers to effective drug use and raising public awareness on avoiding adverse effects and improving dosing accuracy.

Pharmacy Education: I also have interest in the use of technology in pharmacy education, investigating the benefit of various teaching methods and their impact in enhancing teaching and learning environment.