Undergraduate Study

As a student of Philosophy at Newcastle, you will explore topics such as the nature of existence, truth, time, causality, free will, mind and body, God, knowledge, rationality, logic, meaning, duty, goodness, beauty, interpretation and historicity. You will also engage in the philosophical study of particular areas of human practice and inquiry, including language, science, social science, politics, religion, literature and the arts, and applied ethics. Particular emphasis is placed on the ethical questions that face us at the opening of the twenty-first century, and upon engaging with the changing world outside academia from a philosophical perspective.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer small group tutorials, which include a strong element of personalised learning, where you actively shape your learning agenda.

Student Profiles

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We have first class facilities: as a Philosophical Studies student you have access to our recently refurbished lecture, seminar and multimedia rooms. We also have dedicated IT facilities, and enjoy a close working relationship with the Careers Service.