Philosophical Studies

Staff Profile

Dr David Rose

Senior Lecturer


Roles and Responsibilities

Degree Programme Director BA (Hons.) Philosophy


Ph.D (Glasgow), MA (Warwick), BA (Hons.) (UEA)


Research Interests

David Rose’s major research interests are in social ethics, Hegelian thought and rational hermeneutics. The main themes of his work are grounded in readings in the history of ideas, especially the writings of Hegel and Vico, and more generally in counter-enlightenment ethical thought. He has published various articles on the history of European thought, ethics and political philosophy as well as an introduction to Hegel's social philosophy and a monograph on the concept of free-will.

Other Expertise

David has also published on issues in contemporary applied ethics and culture as well as producing work in the area of educational philosophy. His specialisms include: political philosophy, history of European ideas, Italian philosophy, cosmopolitanism and applied ethics.

Current Work

David is currently working on a variety of issues, most notably the theory of action and an attempt to offer a robust, hermeneutical account of action as a viable alternative to reductionist and Aristotelian theories as well as continuing his work on rational legitimation and the normative status of hermeneutics.


The Subject Centre in Philosophical and Religious Studies mini-project, "Philosophical Theory and Contemporary Relevance", from June, 2008 - June, 2009.


Undergraduate Teaching

PHi1001 European Philosophical Traditions
PHi2003 Modern Philosophy 1: Ethical Thought
PHi3001 and PHi3002| Signs of the Times