Philosophical Studies

Your Project

Your Project

As part of the BA Philosophy degree, all students complete a research project.

The BA in Philosophy has been designed to address the novel agenda created by the emergence of the knowledge economy and by the graduate employment market created by this change.

The programme is grounded in an educational methodology structured around project-based context-driven inquiry, which positions the learner at the interface between knowledge generation and knowledge use.

The intention is to move beyond the exhausted language of rigid opposition between the academic and vocational.

It is to assist the inquiring self in identifying and nurturing a personal portfolio of competences responding to the contemporary material condition of humanity.

Students in the past have looked at issues in architecture, art, consumerism, culture, disability, education, film, gender, love, music, property, technology, the family, and various other topics. 

The Book of Change

We've collated abstracts from past students' projects in what we have labelled the Book of Change. Find out about past themes and questions explored in these projects:


The methodology of the project learning approach has been discussed in the following articles:

Philosophical Studies secured funding to investigate the methodology and nature of the project learning approach from the HEA Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies.

The aim of this research was to:

  • ensure that learners are aware of the skills they develop
  • help learners perfect skills
  • make sure they are able to communicate the value of philosophical concepts outside academia