About us

About Physics

Physics is concerned with studying the structure of the Universe.

We are interested in the scale of the cosmos, through the world in which we live, to the microscopic scale of the atoms and molecules that make everything around us. Physics explores the fascinating fundamental forces of nature, and covers topics ranging from the Big Bang and black holes, to the Higgs Boson and elementary particles.

Physics is also key to tackling major challenges facing society, such as producing sustainable energy and helping to protect the environment.

At Newcastle you will immerse yourself in theories which address fundamental questions about the origin, development and future of our world. 


You will develop skills in demand with employers across the globe and learn the practical applications of physics in cutting edge technologies. You will also develop your expertise in laboratory techniques, giving you the relevant practical skills required in a wide range of careers. Our curriculum is designed to develop your understanding and skills over the course of your degree, helping you make the successful transition from school to university study.


We offer you research at a leading Russell Group university and working with our expert academics to conduct your own research project in an area of interest to you. Enjoy fantastic facilities, including a fully refurbished physics laboratory, completed in 2015, with high performance scientific computing facilities. You also benefit from our interdisciplinary approach and the diverse research strengths at Newcastle University - including expertise in:

  • novel materials and semiconductor devices
  • computational physics
  • quantum fluids
  • astrophysics and relativity
  • studying materials on the nanoscale

Study opportunities

Physics has a long history at Newcastle University. Our postgraduate teaching has made a global contribution to the subject.

Due to a resurgence of interest in science and engineering, we offer two undergraduate degrees which are led jointly by the Schools of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Maths and Statistics.