Wildlife Management MSc

**Please note that this programme is still subject to full University approval.**

The overall aim of this degree is to provide a link between the theory and practice of wildlife management from the perspective of the regulatory authorities associated with UK wildlife management.

The programme will provide advanced training in policy and science implementation in the UK giving graduates a professionally focussed postgraduate qualification that is directly relevant to employment in a wide range of jobs in the wildlife management sector.

Whilst much of the training and case studies will be focussed on UK and EU policy, the generic training will allow graduates to work in other countries where policy and management are strongly linked.
Specifically the course aims to provide graduates with:

•  advanced knowledge of wildlife management theory, the principles of biodiversity and conservation, epidemiology and wildlife conflicts
•  practical skills in wildlife and environmental data collection, data analysis, data handling, statistics and modelling methodologies with a focus on providing evidence for policy
•  training in humaneness and welfare for home office licensing
•  field skills in wildlife monitoring, surveying, tracking and sampling integrating with GIS
•  problem solving skills to address wildlife problems in a policy context
The proposed MSc will be run jointly by the School of Biology at Newcastle and the National Wildlife Management Centre (NWMC) at Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA). AHVLA is the agency that provides advice to Defra on wildlife management, is involved with the development, assessment and implementation of policy associated with wildlife problems in the UK. It is concerned with invasive species, wildlife disease and has a large portfolio of research and management that is implemented at the National scale.

For further information please contact:
Recruitment Secretary
School of Biology
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 4848
E-mail: Biology-PG@ncl.ac.uk 

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The Assessed Summer School was extremely useful and gave me a good insight into what to expect when I started. It's great because it offers a safety net in case you don’t get the right grades.

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