Accounting, Finance and Strategic Investment MSc


Student Profile

About me

Name: Luwei
Course: Accounting, Finance and Strategic Investment MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: China

Choosing Newcastle

"Newcastle University is a top 20 University in the UK and also a member of the Russell Group. It has first-class teachers, staff, students and facilities as well. Lots of previous students have suggested Newcastle University as a good, open minded university. Newcastle’s high reputation amongst international students has been proven by what I have experienced."

Studying at Newcastle

"More than anything, I enjoy the flexibility of my course. You do not need a business background to study a postgraduate business course and it was an easy transition, with good introductory courses and awareness amongst staff that some students are new to the field. I previously studied Communication Engineering, which deals with signals and transport, but now I get on well with my course because there are modules teaching me both the basics and the expertise in the business field. As a Strategic Planning and Investment student, I have chances to apply the theories taught to practice and I am happy that we are examined by not only exams but also essays and group projects.

"I will definitely recommend my course to my friends who want to be engaged in the business field, especially those who do not have a related background.

"Honestly speaking, being a postgraduate student in Newcastle University is not that relaxed. This may be because I want to make the most of my postgraduate life. Undergraduate study requires students to receive and accept basic knowledge, but in comparison, the main purpose of postgraduate study is to encourage students to think independently and critically as well.

"Although the class size of postgraduate study is similar as that of undergraduate (there are 31 students in my class), the amount of the work depends on your goal. You may not need a first class degree to apply for postgraduate study, but you do want a distinction to apply for a PhD or good jobs.

"Compared to what I have experienced in China when I was an undergraduate, extra-curricular activities in Newcastle University are far more outstanding both in quantity and quality.

Postgraduate Community

"I definitely feel part of a postgraduate community. I am a course representative of our programme, and I also participate in several societies and organisations ranging from culture and language to environmental sustainability. I feel I take every effort to be engaged in the community at Newcastle."

Funding my studies

"I received funding information before coming here – this was mostly sent to me by email but I also checked the University website. I received information on scholarships, part-time job guidance and the Student Wellbeing Service."

Career aspirations

"I hope to work in an international company dealing with business affairs. When I was studying Communication Engineering, I didn’t know what my career aspirations were. Studying at Newcastle University has given me the opportunity to progress. Furthermore, the experience in the UK will definitely help me to enter an internationalised company."


"I was delighted when the University gave me the offer of my first-choice accommodation. Newly constructed in 2014, Kensington Terrace meets almost all of my living requirements. Well organised bedroom with a larger bed, separated shower area from the toilet, next-door kitchenette and fully-functional kitchen all make me feel comfortable.

"It was easy to apply for the accommodation and quite easy to sort it out when I arrived here, because almost everything had been prepared for me including kitchenware and even desk lamp and network cable!"

Living in Newcastle

"The people in Newcastle are extremely friendly. I feel warm and comfortable when talking to teachers, university staff and other local people (although the accent is a bit hard to understand). Clean and safe, Newcastle has a wide range of advantages over lots of other cities, such as the size of the shopping centres and cinemas. As well as the airport, shopping malls and restaurants, Newcastle is one of the three cities who have a Metro in the UK.

"I will recommend Newcastle to my friends because it is pleasure to study and live here."

Remembering Newcastle

"I have experienced abundant activities which I would not have had the chance to experience in China, such as attending seminars, doing group work and being creative in university societies. Through these activities, I not only enjoy myself but also gain a wide range of knowledge and skills. I will treasure my memories of life in Newcastle."