German MLitt


Student Profile

About me

Name: Elise
Course: German MLitt
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

I studied here for my undergraduate degree and so was familiar with both the University itself and the School of Modern Languages (SML). I bumped into a tutor from my undergraduate days who told me about a scholarship available for MLitt studies in SML and she encouraged me to apply. As I had very happy memories of SML's ethos and had thoroughly enjoyed my previous studies, I decided to apply for the programme at Newcastle. I also love the city – it is a great place to live.

Studying at Newcastle

The thing I enjoy most about my programme is the fact that it is mainly self-led (with support and encouragement from my supervisors). This allows me to plan my own time and to pursue topics of interest to me. The structure of the programme itself is a real plus too: over the course of the year I write three assignments followed by a much larger dissertation at the end. The three assignments have been great for exploring topics related to my main dissertation, which I would otherwise not have studied.

The main difference from previous studies is the fact that it is a research degree rather than taught. This obviously requires more self-motivation and self-discipline. However by this stage, because I'm working on something I find so interesting, it hasn't been a problem to stay motivated.

Postgraduate community

There are plenty of opportunities to meet other postgraduate students – I've got to know the other postgraduate researchers in SML by using the study room set aside for us. I also spend time in the common room, which lets me meet taught postgraduate students and final year undergraduates. There are also plenty of societies and groups at a University level so it is easy to meet other students.

Funding my studies

I was awarded the SML's MLitt scholarship, which pays for my fees and also includes a maintenance grant.

I did a lot of research for funding online, but I would advise getting in touch with your prospective School and asking about any funding opportunities. I had a lot of support from the SML in my application, and it was really useful. Student Services in King's Gate are great for general enquiries as well.

Career aspirations

I am starting a PhD in October at Newcastle and hope to continue into a career of research and academia.


I'm living in private rented accommodation at the moment, in a house that I share with three others (a mix of professionals and students). It was no problem finding the house – I just popped in to a letting agents and sorted it out that way.

Living in Newcastle

I would absolutely recommend Newcastle to friends. I came here ten years ago to start my undergraduate degree and can't ever seem to leave! It's a lovely city, with good connections to the coast and local countryside. It also has fairly cheap living costs compared with other major cities, which is a concern for students.

Remembering Newcastle

I will remember Newcastle as a great experience in a supportive School.