Newcastle University had a long-standing reputation for excellence in the field of Classics and Ancient History  - Latin and Greek were first taught at Newcastle in 1874.

Newcastle Classics, in partnership with Florida State University, Tallahassee, hosts the internationally acclaimed Internet journal of ancient historiography, HISTOS.


• Dedicated Classics Library with a wide-ranging provision of primary texts and reference works, including a complete Pauly-Wissowa
• Outstanding holdings in ancient medicine and classical archaeology at the University Library
• Outstanding Roman material collected from Hadrian’s Wall and the Shefton Collection of Greek Art and Archaeology stored and displayed in the Great North Museum

Your study experience

• You will be part of our lively research culture, which includes regular seminars and an annual postgraduate conference where you may present papers and discuss your work.
• You will have access to the postgraduate common room and computer clusters, and can borrow laptops for research trips.
• PhD students will also have access to our Postgraduate Research Suite and you may be able to draw on financial support for research trips.

MA Programmes

The newly constituted MA in Classics and Ancient History reflects specific research strengths with numerous and diverse strands on offer including:

• ancient philosophy, science and medicine
• rhetoric and historiography
• the reception and recreation of ancient texts; ancient music
• ancient concepts of divinity
• ancient courts
• Greek culture, society and literature in Roman times
• Roman Republic
• the Emperor Julian
• (late) Roman Empire, the Jews in the Hellenistic and Roman periods
• Egypt (including documentary papyrology)

Alongside developing your specialist subject knowledge and expertise, studying a taught postgraduate programme at Newcastle will also enable you to develop transferable skills relevant to the global job market.

Research Degrees

Our research interests and the content of our taught programmes are closely interlinked and we offer research degree supervision (MLitt, MPhil and PhD) in the subjects covered by our MAs.

Research students are supported in their studies through a structured programme of supervision and training via our faculty specific Research Training Programmes which have been endorsed by the UK research councils and adhere to their framework of excellence.


Postgraduate degrees in this subject area: