Economics at Newcastle aims to equip you with the analytical tools, economic theory and quantitative techniques necessary to understand modern economics in order to identify their problems, predict outcomes, evaluate and advise policies.

The behaviour of public and private sector organisations is significantly influenced by international economic developments in both financial and goods markets. Individuals with a comprehensive understanding of economic and financial theory and their policy dimensions within an open economy context are therefore in demand within this highly competitive sector.


• Our new state-of-the-art building hosts networking spaces where staff and students collaborate on a daily basis.
• The School is one of the largest in the University, with over 2,800 students in 2012, representing more than 80 nationalities.

MSc/MA Programmes

The MSc in International Economics and Finance is designed for students to build knowledge and expertise aiming to cover positions of responsibility in international banks, financial institutions, multinational enterprises, central banks or government agencies. It also provides excellent preliminary training for those who wish to pursue further research in view of a career in a research institution of central bank.

The MA in Finance and Economics (Research) is designed for students who have a first degree in finance, economics or a related discipline who require advanced training in both research methods and subject-specific knowledge and skills.

Alongside developing your specialist subject knowledge and expertise, studying a taught postgraduate programme at Newcastle will also enable you to develop transferable skills relevant to the global job market.

Research Degrees

We offer a variety of research degree supervision connected to our main research areas and take care to match your interests with the most appropriate academic supervisors to ensure a supportive and productive working relationship.

Research students are supported in their studies through a structured programme of supervision and training via our faculty specific Research Training Programmes which have been endorsed by the UK research councils and adhere to their framework of excellence.

The Business School offers a number of other routes to a research degree in various subjects including full-time supervised research projects, industry-based collaborations, part-time and off-campus study.

Professional Development

• Opportunities for you to network with national and multinational organisations, alumni, and peers.
• Career and business incubation services available through the University’s Careers Service.
• Dedicated Careers Advisor to provide additional support
Your career and professional development is very important to us and a number of our programmes are linked to a cutting-edge, topical, events programme delivered by the School.


Postgraduate degrees in this subject area: