Mechanical and Systems Engineering

The North East has a long and proud tradition in mechanical engineering. From the roots laid down by pioneers such as Stephenson, Armstrong and Parsons, we continue their tradition of continuous invention and development in areas including:

• bioengineering
• MEMS (microelectromechanical systems)
• robotics and mechatronics
• innovative manufacturing and smart materials
• power and transmission systems
• railways and low carbon transport
• thermal systems
• multiphase flows

The School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering is one of the top 10 mechanical engineering departments in the UK, based on research quality.

MSc Programmes

We offer a range of taught degree programmes in the School (see degree list below).

Alongside developing your specialist subject knowledge and expertise, studying a taught postgraduate programme at Newcastle will also enable you to develop transferable skills relevant to the global job market.

MPhil/PhD Study

Our research activities and MPhil and PhD supervision can broadly be categorised into four main fields:


 The Bioengineering research group collaborates with NHS and medical charities, in addition to strong links with the School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Medical School, the Tissue Engineering Centre and the Joseph Swan Institute for Energy Research.
Strengths in this area include:
• biotribology
• musculoskeletal modelling
• tissue engineering
• motion analysis

MEMS and Sensors

 • The MEMS research group has been engaged in multidisciplinary collaborative research with the nanoLAB  research centre, the Institute of Cellular Medicine , and the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
• Our specialist expertise combines MEMS, nanotechnology, smart materials and robotic solutions.
• The School hosts the National X-ray Photoelectron Spectoscopy (XPS) service.

Design, Manufacture and Materials

The Design, Manufacturing and Materials research group focuses on the design, rapid prototyping, development, analysis and modelling of novel materials, structures and processes.

Our specialist expertise lies in:
• the analysis of composite structures
• mechanical power transmission (with an emphasis in gear systems)
• railways research (with particular focus on rail freight and logistics, rail infrastructure and systems, and rail vehicles)

We provide consultancy services internationally in a number of these areas.

Multiphase Flow and Thermal Systems

We have expertise of theoretical, computational and experimental analysis of fluid flows and thermal transport.

The strengths of the Multiphase Fluid Flow and Thermal Systems research group include:
• simulation and modelling of turbulent reacting flows
• turbulent heat and mass transfer in multiphase flows
• heat transfer in complex non-Newtonian fluids,
• quantum turbulence in superfluids

We have strong industrial links with nuclear, automotive, gas turbine and conventional power plant industries.


Postgraduate degrees in this subject area: