Translating and Interpreting

In the modern world, communication across different cultures and languages is crucial. This means that skilled and qualified translators and interpreters are in high demand.

Here at Newcastle, we offer postgraduate training in translation and interpreting to help you develop career skills in this exciting field, and research supervision to help you explore more deeply how translating and interpreting works.

We offer the following language pairs:

• Chinese into and from English
• French into or from English
• German into or from English
• Italian into or from English
• Spanish into or from English


 We offer excellent study facilities incorporating:

• a suite of three state-of-the-art interpreting and conference rooms for simultaneous interpreting
• a digital bank of interpreting speeches as a self-study resource
• language labs with the latest translation and subtitling software
• the on-campus Language Resource Centre, offering computing, television and DVD resources in over 50 languages
• student common room and networked PCs reserved for postgraduate use

MA Programmes

• A wide range of topics from commercial, technical, scientific, legal, and medicinal to literary translation and/or interpreting
• Professional principles and finding work, translation/interpreting studies and research methods are also covered.
• Further specialist modules include information technology for translators and interpreters, subtitling, drama translation and European Union translation.
• Taught by leading academics from within the University, alongside guest lecturers who are working professionals.
• Field trips and work experience are offered as part of the curriculum when available.

Our MA in Professional Translating for European Languages offers options in French, German, Italian and/or Spanish plus English and is studied over a one-year period.

Our innovative MAs in Translating and Interpreting, working with Chinese plus English (and studied over two years), provides four ‘pathway’ routes including: Translating; Interpreting; Translating and Interpreting; and Translation Studies.

Alongside developing your specialist subject knowledge and expertise, studying a taught postgraduate programme at Newcastle will also enable you to develop transferable skills relevant to the global job market.

Research Degrees

Staff researching at the cutting edge of translating and interpreting offer supervision for a variety of research degrees:

• MLitt  (1 year, by assignments)
• MPhil  (1 year, by thesis)
• PhD  (3 years, by thesis)

Research specialisms include:

• professional practice,
• teaching and learning or interpreting and translation,
• psychological processes and linguistics aspects of interpreting and translating
• the literary, political, cultural and ideological aspects of interpreting and translating.

Research students are supported in their studies through a structured programme of supervision and training via our faculty specific Research Training Programmes which have been endorsed by the UK research councils and adhere to their framework of excellence.

Postgraduate degrees in this subject area: