Newcastle University : Postgraduate Funding and Finance This list shows a selection of funding sources that may be available. Showing only items added in the previous 30 days. en-us MA019 : PhD in Marine Science & Technology - Shipping Exhaust Gas Emission Modelling, Indexing and Regulation Current Studentships / Scholarships ; Updated 12 days ago.2014-09-18T14:28:37 British Marshall Scholarships External Funding ; Updated 20 days ago.2014-09-10T11:31:51 CE042 : EPSRC PhD Studentship in Chemical Engineering - Micro-circulating fluidised bed system for high heat flux cooling Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council EPSRC (DTA) ; Current Studentships / Scholarships ; Updated 25 days ago.2014-09-05T11:38:39 ME026 : EPSRC Network Rail PhD Studentship in Rail Freight Operations Optimisation NewRail, School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering ; Current Studentships / Scholarships ; Updated 27 days ago.2014-09-03T10:22:47 Disabled Students' Allowances External Funding ; Updated 29 days ago.2014-09-01T13:21:33 CE039 : PhD Studentship - Kinetics of Micro- and Nano-fabrication Catalyst Structures Current Studentships / Scholarships ; Updated 29 days ago.2014-09-01T13:13:02 20% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount Newcastle University Funding ; Updated 29 days ago.2014-09-01T11:53:12