International (Non EU) students

Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP)

Value of award

The scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses.

Number of awards

Not specified.

Start date and duration

The funding commences in either September, January or April and is for the duration of the course. The start date is subject to approval from the sponsor.

Application closing date

Mid-January, April, July and October.


The Indonesia Endowment Fund (LPDP) provides funding for high achieving Indonesian students undertaking Master's or PhD study. It forms part of the Indonesian government's aim to nurture young talented individuals, enabling them to become future leaders.

LPDP aims to ensure the continuity of educational programmes for future generations. It focuses on skills in priority areas to support and accelerate the development of Indonesia. The priority areas include:


Ministry of Finance and Minister of Research, Technology & Higher Education

Eligibility Criteria

Please refer to LPDP website

How to apply

Please refer to LPDP website


Lembaga Pengelolaan Dana Pendidikan (LPDP)
Gedung Ali Wardhana
Lt. 2 Kementerian Keuangan
Jl. Lap. Banteng Timur No. 1
Jakarta 10710

Fax: +62 21 3808392

Eligible Courses

  • Accounting, Finance and Strategic Investment MSc
  • Advanced Computer Science MSc
  • Advanced Electrical Power Engineering MSc
  • Agricultural and Environmental Science MSc
  • Agriculture MPhil, PhD
  • Animal Behaviour MRes
  • Animal Science MPhil, PhD
  • Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare MSc, PGDip
  • Applied Linguistics and TESOL MA
  • Applied Linguistics Research MA
  • Applied Process Control MSc, PGDip
  • Archaeology MPhil, PhD
  • Automation and Control MSc
  • Banking and Finance MSc
  • Banking and Finance MSc (London campus)
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management MSc
  • Bioinformatics MSc
  • Biomedical Engineering MSc
  • Biomedicine MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Biosciences MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Biosciences MRes
  • Biotechnology and Business Enterprise MRes
  • Cardiovascular Science in Health and Disease MRes
  • Chemical Engineering MPhil, PhD
  • Chemistry MPhil, PhD
  • Civil Engineering (Environmental) MPhil, PhD
  • Civil Engineering (Geotechnical and Engineering Geology) MPhil, PhD
  • Civil Engineering (Structural) MPhil, PhD
  • Civil Engineering (Transport) MPhil, PhD
  • Civil Engineering (Water Resources) MPhil, PhD
  • Clean Technology MSc, PGDip
  • Clinical Linguistics and Evidence Based Practice (Research) MSc, PGDip
  • Cloud Computing for Big Data MRes, PGDip
  • Cloud Computing MSc
  • Communications and Signal Processing MSc
  • Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics MSc
  • Computational Systems Biology MSc
  • Computer Game Engineering MSc
  • Computer Science Integrated PhD
  • Computer Science MPhil, PhD
  • Computer Science MSc
  • Computer Security and Resilience MSc
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Education MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and International Marketing MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication MA
  • Design and Manufacturing Engineering MSc
  • Diabetes MRes
  • Drug Chemistry MSc
  • E-Business (Information Systems) MSc
  • Ecological Consultancy MSc
  • Economics MPhil, PhD
  • Education (Clinical) MPhil, PhD
  • Education and Communication Integrated PhD
  • Education Doctor of (EdD)
  • Education MPhil, PhD
  • Education Research MA
  • Education: International Perspectives (Development and Education) MA
  • Education: International Perspectives (Leadership and Management) MA
  • Education: International Perspectives (Teaching and Learning) MA
  • Education: International Perspectives (Technology in Education) MA
  • Educational and Applied Linguistics Integrated PhD
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD
  • Electrical Power MSc
  • Energy MPhil, PhD
  • Engineering and Science in the Marine Environment Integrated PhD
  • Engineering Geology MSc
  • Environmental and Petroleum Geochemistry MSc
  • Environmental Consultancy MSc
  • Environmental Engineering MSc
  • Environmental Law and Policy (Research) LLM
  • Environmental Regulation and Sustainable Development LLM
  • Environmental Resource Assessment MSc
  • Environmental Science MPhil PhD
  • European Union Studies MA
  • Finance and Accounting MPhil, PhD
  • Finance and Economics (Research) MA
  • Flood Risk Management MSc
  • Food and Human Nutrition MPhil, PhD
  • Food and Rural Development Research MSc
  • Food and Society MPhil, PhD
  • Genetics MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Genomic Medicine MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Geochemistry MPhil, PhD
  • Geotechnical Engineering MSc
  • Hydrogeology and Water Management MSc
  • Hydroinformatics MSc
  • Hydrology and Climate Change MSc
  • Immunobiology MRes
  • International Business Law LLM
  • International Development and Education MA
  • International Development and Education with Cross Cultural Communication MA
  • International Economics and Finance MSc
  • International Financial Analysis MSc
  • International Law LLM
  • International Political Economy MA
  • International Politics (Critical Geopolitics) MA
  • International Politics (Global Justice and Ethics) MA
  • International Politics (Globalisation, Poverty and Development) MA
  • International Relations MA
  • Law LLM
  • Law LLM (by research), MPhil, PhD
  • Marine Ecosystems and Governance MRes
  • Marine Engineering MSc
  • Marine Sciences MPhil, PhD
  • Marine Technology MPhil, PhD
  • Marine Transport Management MSc
  • Materials Design and Engineering MSc
  • Materials Engineering MPhil, PhD
  • Mechanical and Systems Engineering MPhil, PhD
  • Mechanical Engineering MSc
  • Mechatronics MSc
  • Media and Cultural Studies MPhil, PhD
  • Media and Journalism MA
  • Media and Public Relations MA
  • Medical and Molecular Biosciences MRes
  • Medical Education MMedEd, PGDip, PGCert
  • Medical Sciences MRes
  • Medical Sciences MSc
  • Microelectronics MSc
  • Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine MRes
  • Molecular Microbiology MRes
  • Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA) MRes
  • Naval Architecture MSc
  • Neuromuscular Diseases MRes
  • Offshore Engineering MSc
  • Operations Management, Logistics and Accounting MSc
  • Organic Farming and Food Production Systems MSc
  • Physician Associate Studies PGDip
  • Pipeline Engineering MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Politics (Research) MA
  • Politics MPhil, PhD
  • Power Distribution Engineering MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Quantitative Finance and Risk Management MSc
  • Rail and Logistics MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management (REEM) MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Renewable Energy Flexible Training Programme (REFLEX) MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Rural Studies MPhil, PhD
  • Skills, Technology, Research and Management for the UK Water Sector (STREAM) EngD
  • Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine MRes
  • Structural Engineering MSc
  • Subsea Engineering and Management MSc
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security MRes
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security MSc
  • Sustainable Chemical Engineering MSc, PGDip
  • Sustainable Transport Engineering MSc
  • Synthetic Biology MSc
  • Systems Biology MRes
  • Technology in the Marine Environment MRes
  • Toxicology MRes
  • Translational Medicine and Therapeutics MRes
  • Transplantation MRes
  • Transport Planning and Business Management MSc
  • Transport Planning and Engineering MSc
  • Transport Planning and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) MSc
  • Transport Planning and the Environment MSc
  • Urban Energy Technology and Policy (with specialist pathways in Planning, Architecture and Engineering) MSc
  • Urban Energy Technology and Policy MRes
  • Wildlife Management MSc
  • Wireless Embedded Systems MSc
  • World Politics and Popular Culture MA