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20% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount

Value of award

Discount varies by level of tuition fee.

Start date and duration

Varies by individual course start date and length of course.


Newcastle University is offering a 20% reduction in postgraduate tuition fees for all alumni who are self-funding or partially self-funding their postgraduate study and meet the eligibility criteria given below.

The University also offers a similar discount scheme for Newcastle alumni who are pursuing an undergraduate degree. Further information can be found on our undergraduate website.

Eligibility Criteria

You must:

1. Hold an offer and register on a degree-awarding postgraduate course at Newcastle University, eg:

The majority of courses qualify for the award, but please check the exception list below.

2. Be a graduate of Newcastle University. That is, you must have qualified (or be due to qualify) on a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree eg:

3. Be wholly or partially self-financing for the tuition fee element of your course.

What does wholly self-financing mean?

You are self-financing if you are paying all of your tuition fees yourself. This includes:

What does partially self-financing mean?

It means that you are in receipt of partial funding towards your studies. This funding includes:

Students in receipt of such funding support will normally receive the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount on the balance of the tuition fee not covered by the funding support.

An exception to this rule is the University’s International Family Discount. Any central University award is initially deducted from a student’s tuition fees and the International Family Discount is then applied to the balance of the fee. The Alumni Tuition Fee Discount is then deducted from the remainder of the fees. Finally if a student is eligible, the 2% early payment discount is applied.

4. Meet other regulations pertaining to the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount. These are:

a. The 20% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount is available to students who commence a new programme of study at the University.

b. Awards cannot be made retrospectively and must be awarded during the admission process or the first year of study.

c. If the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount changes part way through your degree (eg a new percentage discount is introduced), you will remain on the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount applied at the start of your degree.

d. The Alumni Tuition Fee Discount is valid only when candidates register for studies during the academic year specified in their offer letter.

e. The Alumni Tuition Fee Discount will apply for all full years of study, whether your degree course is studied full or part time.

f. The 20% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount applies only to the net fee that a student would otherwise pay – that is, after any other scholarships or awards have been deducted. To illustrate this:

Alumnus A is to study a course where the normal fee is £10,000. Alumnus A is successful in winning a scholarship of £1,300. The net fee is therefore £8,700. The 20% discount is then applied. (20% of £8,700 = £1,740). Alumnus A is required to pay £8,700 - £1,740 = £6,960.

Alumnus B is to study a course where the normal fee is £10,000. Alumnus B is given a bursary of £1,500. The net fee is therefore £8,500. The 20% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount is then applied (20% of £8,500 = £1,700). Alumnus B is required to pay £8,500 - £1,700 = £6,800. Alumnus B chooses to pay their annual fees early, and therefore qualifies for a further 2% early payment discount. The 2% discount is then applied. (2% of £6,800 = £136). Alumnus B is required to pay £8,500 - £1,700 - £136 = £6,664.

Alumnus C is to study a course where the normal fee is £10,000. Alumnus C is given a tuition fee discount of £800. The net fee is therefore £9,200. The 20% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount is then applied. (20% of £9,200 = £1,840). Alumnus C is required to pay £9,200 - £1,840 = £7,360.

g. The 20% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount on tuition fees is not transferable. The University does not permit the 20% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount to be used for any other purpose.

h. It is the duty of the student to advise the University (on the Postgraduate Application Form) if s/he has applied for or has been obtained funding for his/her tuition fees. It is the duty of the student to inform the Postgraduate Admissions Service if s/he has obtained funding for his/her tuition fees after the Postgraduate Application Form has been submitted to the University. If a student is found to be in breach of this regulation, the University is entitled to immediately suspend any further discount and may seek to recover any or all amounts of previous payments made.

i. The University reserves the right to vary or withdraw the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount at its sole discretion.


Courses that are not eligible for the 20% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount

a. The Alumni Tuition Fee Discount is not applied to any course of study that does not lead to a degree. This includes pre-sessional programmes in English Language, English Language Foundation Programmes, occasional study programmes, exchange programmes, or any continuing professional development programme.

b. The discount does not apply to:

Previous study at Newcastle University that does not meet the requirements of the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount 

a. Previous study on courses that do not carry formal degree status means that you are not eligible for the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount. This includes previous study on pre-sessional courses in English Language, English Language Foundation Programmes, occasional study courses, exchange courses, study abroad programmes, any certificate or diploma course or any continuing professional development course.

b. Any previous study on a postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma.

c. Also, if you transfer from one course to another as part of normal progression arrangements, you are not eligible for the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount on the second or subsequent course. For example:

Funding that disqualifies you from the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount 

There are funding opportunities that are not applicable if you receive the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount. Check the regulations of these funding opportunities to ensure eligibility.

How to apply

You do not need to complete a separate application form for the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount. Instead, you must provide the following information on the University's Postgraduate Application Form. You must:

a. Detail your current/previous study at the University

b. Attach a copy of your previous qualification from the University if you have it available

c. Provide a statement on the form about how you propose to fund your study (see also condition 4h above)

d. You should also try and ensure that your postgraduate application is processed using your previous student number (you are asked to provide this number when your apply).

If you feel that you are eligible for the alumni discount but thus has not been included on your offer letter, please contact the Postgraduate Admissions Service.

If you have been denied an alumni discount but consider that you have good grounds for your case to be reconsidered, you should submit a written case to the Postgraduate Admissions Manager.


If you have any queries about your eligibility for the Alumni Tuition Fee Discount contact:

Postgraduate Admissions Service

Telephone: +44 (0)191 208 5503


Eligible Courses

  • Accounting, Finance and Strategic Investment MSc
  • Advanced Computer Science MSc
  • Advanced Electrical Power Engineering MSc
  • Ageing and Health MRes
  • Ageing MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Agricultural and Environmental Science MSc
  • Agriculture MPhil, PhD
  • Animal Behaviour MRes
  • Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare MSc, PGDip
  • Applied Linguistics and TESOL MA
  • Applied Linguistics Research MA
  • Applied Process Control MSc, PGDip
  • Archaeology MA
  • Archaeology MLitt
  • Archaeology MPhil, PhD
  • Architectural Design Research MA
  • Architecture, Planning and Landscape (Design) MA
  • Architecture, Planning and Landscape MA
  • Architecture, Planning and Landscape MPhil, PhD
  • Art Museum and Gallery Practice MPrac
  • Art Museum and Gallery Studies MA, PGDip
  • Arts, Business and Creativity MA
  • Automation and Control MSc
  • Banking and Finance MSc
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management MSc
  • Bioinformatics MSc
  • Biomedical Engineering MSc
  • Biomedicine MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Biosciences MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Biosciences MRes
  • Biotechnology and Business Enterprise MRes
  • Biotechnology MPhil, PhD
  • British History MA
  • Business and Management MPhil, PhD
  • Cancer MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Cancer MRes
  • Cancer Studies PGCert
  • Cardiovascular Science in Health and Disease MRes
  • Chemical Engineering MPhil, PhD
  • Chemistry MPhil, PhD
  • Chinese Studies MLitt
  • Civil Engineering (Environmental) MPhil, PhD
  • Civil Engineering (Geotechnical and Engineering Geology) MPhil, PhD
  • Civil Engineering (Structural) MPhil, PhD
  • Civil Engineering (Transport) MPhil, PhD
  • Civil Engineering (Water Resources) MPhil, PhD
  • Classics and Ancient History MA
  • Classics MLitt
  • Clean Technology MSc, PGDip
  • Clinical and Health Sciences with Molecular Pathology MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Clinical Linguistics and Evidence Based Practice (Research) MSc, PGDip
  • Clinical Research/Clinical Research (Ageing) MClinRes, PGDip, PGCert (E-learning)
  • Clinical Research/Clinical Research (Leadership) MClinRes, PGDip, PGCert
  • Clinical Science (pathways in Medical Physics and Physiological Sciences) MSc
  • Cloud Computing MSc
  • Communications and Signal Processing MSc
  • Computational Systems Biology MSc
  • Computer Game Engineering MSc
  • Computer Science Integrated PhD
  • Computer Science MPhil, PhD
  • Computer Science MSc
  • Computer Security and Resilience MSc
  • Creative Arts Practice MA
  • Creative Writing MA, PGCert
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Education MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and International Marketing MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies MA
  • Cross-Cultural Communication MA
  • Dentistry and Dental Sciences MPhil, PhD
  • Design and Manufacturing Engineering MSc
  • Diabetes MRes
  • Digital Media PhD
  • Drug Chemistry MSc
  • E-Business (E-Marketing) MSc
  • E-Business (Information Systems) MSc
  • E-Business MSc
  • Ecological Consultancy MSc
  • Economics MPhil, PhD
  • Education (Clinical) MPhil, PhD
  • Education and Communication Integrated PhD
  • Education Doctor of (EdD)
  • Education MPhil, PhD
  • Education Research MA
  • Educational and Applied Linguistics Integrated PhD
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD
  • Electrical Power MSc
  • Energy MPhil, PhD
  • Engineering and Science in the Marine Environment Integrated PhD
  • Engineering Geology MSc
  • English Language and/or Linguistics MLitt
  • English Literature MA
  • English Literature MLitt
  • Environmental and Petroleum Geochemistry MSc
  • Environmental Consultancy MSc
  • Environmental Engineering MSc
  • Environmental Law and Policy (Research) LLM
  • Environmental Regulation and Sustainable Development LLM
  • Environmental Resource Assessment MSc
  • Environmental Science MPhil PhD
  • Epidemiology MRes
  • European History MA
  • European Union Studies MA
  • Evolution and Human Behaviour MRes
  • Film Studies MLitt
  • Film: Theory and Practice MA
  • Finance and Accounting MPhil, PhD
  • Finance and Economics (Research) MA
  • Finance MSc
  • Fine Art MFA
  • Fine Art MPhil, PhD
  • Flood Risk Management MSc
  • Food and Human Nutrition MPhil, PhD
  • Food and Rural Development Research MSc
  • French MLitt
  • Genetics MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Geochemistry MPhil, PhD
  • Geography MPhil, PhD
  • Geomatics MPhil, PhD
  • Geotechnical Engineering MSc
  • German MLitt
  • Heritage, Museums and Galleries MLitt
  • Heritage Practice MPrac
  • History MA
  • History MLitt
  • History MPhil, PhD
  • History of Medicine MA
  • Human Geography Research MA
  • Human Resource Management MA
  • Hydrogeology and Water Management MSc
  • Hydroinformatics MSc
  • Hydrology and Climate Change MSc
  • Immunobiology MRes
  • Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology MSc
  • Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship MSc
  • Innovative Pedagogy and Curriculum PGCert
  • International Business Law LLM
  • International Business Management MSc
  • International Development and Education MA
  • International Development and Education with Cross Cultural Communication MA
  • International Economics and Finance MSc
  • International Human Resource Management MA
  • International Marine Environmental Consultancy (IMEC) MSc, PGDip
  • International Marketing MSc
  • International Multimedia Journalism MA
  • International Political Economy MA
  • International Politics (Critical Geopolitics) MA
  • International Politics (Global Justice and Ethics) MA
  • International Spatial Planning MSc
  • Interpreting MA
  • Japanese Studies MLitt
  • Latin American Interdisciplinary Studies MA
  • Latin American Studies MLitt
  • Law LLM
  • Law LLM (by research), MPhil, PhD
  • Linguistics and English Language Integrated PhD
  • Local and Regional Development (Research) MA
  • Management and Business Studies (Research) MA, PGDip
  • Marine Ecosystems and Governance MRes
  • Marine Engineering MSc
  • Marine Sciences MPhil, PhD
  • Marine Technology (International) - Singapore MSc
  • Marine Technology MPhil, PhD
  • Marketing MPhil, PhD
  • Master of Business Administration MBA
  • Materials Design and Engineering MSc
  • Materials Engineering MPhil, PhD
  • Mathematics MPhil, PhD
  • Mechanical and Systems Engineering MPhil, PhD
  • Mechanical Engineering MSc
  • Mechatronics MSc
  • Media and Journalism MA
  • Media and Public Relations MA
  • Media and Society (Research) MA
  • Medical and Molecular Biosciences MRes
  • Medical Genetics MRes
  • Medical Sciences MRes
  • Medical Sciences MSc
  • Medical Technology Innovation MRes
  • Medicinal Plants and Functional Foods MSc
  • Medicine and Surgery MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Microbiology MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Microelectronics MSc
  • Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine MRes
  • Modern and Contemporary Literature MA
  • Modern Languages MPhil, PhD
  • Molecular Microbiology MRes
  • Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA) MRes
  • Museum, Gallery and Heritage Studies MPhil, PhD
  • Museum Practice MPrac
  • Museum Studies MA, PGDip
  • Music MLitt
  • Music MMus, PGDip
  • Music MPhil, PhD
  • Nanoscale Science and Technology MPhil, PhD
  • Naval Architecture MSc
  • Neuromuscular Diseases MRes
  • Neuroscience MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Neuroscience MRes
  • Offshore Engineering MSc
  • Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc
  • Operations Management (Dual Award) MSc/MSc
  • Operations Management, Logistics and Accounting MSc
  • Organic Farming and Food Production Systems MSc
  • Petroleum Geochemistry MSc
  • Phonetics and Phonology Integrated PhD
  • Physics MPhil, PhD
  • Pipeline Engineering MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Planning and Environment Research MA
  • Planning for Sustainability and Climate Change MSc
  • Politics (Research) MA
  • Politics MPhil, PhD
  • Portuguese MLitt
  • Power Distribution Engineering MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Psychology (Foundations in Clinical and Forensic Psychology) MSc
  • Psychology MPhil, PhD
  • Public Health and Health Services Research MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Public Health, Epidemiology and Health Services Research MPhil, PhD, MD
  • Quantitative Finance and Risk Management MSc
  • Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management (REEM) MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Renewable Energy Flexible Training Programme (REFLEX) MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Roman Frontier Studies MA
  • Social Science and Health Research MSc
  • Sociolinguistics (Research) MA, PGDip
  • Sociology and Social Research MA
  • Sociology MA
  • Sociology MPhil, PhD
  • Spanish MLitt
  • Statistics MPhil, PhD
  • Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine MRes
  • Subsea Engineering and Management MSc
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security MSc
  • Sustainable Buildings and Environments MSc
  • Sustainable Chemical Engineering MSc, PGDip
  • Synthetic Biology MSc
  • Systems Biology MRes
  • Technology in the Marine Environment MRes
  • Town Planning MSc
  • Toxicology MRes
  • Translating and Interpreting MA
  • Translating and Interpreting MPhil, PhD
  • Translating MA
  • Translation Studies MA
  • Translation Studies MLitt
  • Translational Medicine and Therapeutics MRes
  • Transplantation MRes
  • Transplantation PGCert
  • Transport PGDip
  • Transport Planning and Business Management MSc
  • Transport Planning and Engineering MSc
  • Transport Planning and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) MSc
  • Transport Planning and the Environment MSc
  • Urban Design MA, PGDip
  • Wildlife Management MSc
  • Wireless Embedded Systems MSc
  • World Politics and Popular Culture MA