A Chinese student in Newcastle

I still remember my first few days in Newcastle. I felt the warmness from the help of strangers at the airport, greetings with sincere smiles from shopkeepers, patient guidance from the locals on the street.

I was shocked by the strong accent that I couldn’t understand. At first, I also couldn’t get used to the food here. However, things have changed a lot since then.

First weeks at the University

Before I came to the University, the most worrying things to me were: How difficult will it be when I start studying in a new educational system? How to make friends and talk with others in a second language? How to adapt myself to a new university?

The Welcome Week helped me a lot. We had a whole week to get familiar with the new classes, new lecturers and even had a chance to meet with them in person...

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Published by Qianyi - Cross-Cultural Communication and International Marketing MA

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published on: 30 August 2017