Student Profile

Nhan from Vietnam

Education and Communication PhD

Course Dates: 2011-15   

Your course

It's a case of so far so good with my course. I am pleased with the wide range of modules and the choices that I have made. The taught modules in my programme will serve as a good foundation for me to conduct my research in the next year. I like the fact that the lecturers here welcome questions and feedback from the students.

I use the Robinson Library a lot and it enables me to access almost all the significant resources of information that I need to be able to do my research.


I was lucky enough to be granted a Postgraduate Research Scholarship. I am really grateful to Newcastle University for this as it made my dream of studying abroad come true.

International Welcome Week

I participated in International Welcome Week and basically got a clear idea about the do's and don'ts in the University and in Newcastle in general and also the services and support that the University offers to students.

Making friends

It was easier for me to make friends with Asian students as we are somewhat the same. However, I have gradually gained more confidence to approach Western friends and they are also so nice and kind to talk with.

Language support

I haven't approached the language support yet. Many times I have to repeat myself; however, my motto is: the more you speak, the better you are at it. At first, I tried to simplify my ideas but now I think I need to learn to express complex ones.

Cost of living

I think Newcastle is an affordable city. There are suitable prices for almost everyone.

Living in Newcastle

I can learn and enjoy life, walking through the park, visiting castles and wondering along the beach.

International advice

If you want to find a balance between learning and living, Newcastle is definitely your destination.


I live in Spital Tongues with a really kind-hearted British landlady. Life can't be more satisfactory here.

Spare time

Sometimes, I go to the restaurant with my friends. Sometimes, I catch a bus to visit some beauty spots nearby.

Best thing

The best thing about Newcastle is the balance between learning and living.

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