Student Profile

Oleksandr from Ukraine

Finance MSc

Course Dates: 2011-12

Your course

The content of the course is exactly what I am looking for. In my undergraduate degree I studied for a specific area of finance but this has given me a much better knowledge of the subject as a whole. The teaching is good and the lecturers are ready to help you if you have a problem  - they will always answer your questions. The level of the course is about right - it is challenging but not so much that it becomes too much. I have also been lucky enough to make friends from all over the world on the course.

Choosing Newcastle

While I was completing my undergraduate degree I started to think about what I was going to do after I graduated. I approached an educational agent in the Ukraine who recommended the UK due to its classical style of education. I applied to several institutions in the UK but Newcastle impressed me with the way they responded quickly and efficiently to my enquiries. I received the Newcastle University International Postgraduate Scholarship (NUIPS) which was also a significant factor in my decision. The content of the course was also important as was the fact that the the University is located in the city centre.


The Robinson Library is a great library. There are a lot of materials but there is so much more to it than the books - I like the café and the Skype room and the other facilities that the library has to offer.

The sports centre is a very reasonable price to join for the entire year as it entitles you to use the gym and go to different classes. I don't have time to go to classes but I use the gym two to three times a week.

I also attended some of the Careers Service workshops. I found their mock interview service that they provide really beneficial. The Careers Service is an excellent service to use.


I live at Richardson Road in a block with other international postgraduate students. I am pleased to be living in student accommodation. It gives you a good chance to build relationships and make friends with other students. The price of Richardson Road is very reasonable and it is in good location - close to the library, gym and Business School. I also like that I don't need to think about things such as bills, paying for my interest or cleaning as this is done for me.


In a funny way, I actually find the city very similar to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. When I walk down Northumberland Street, sometimes I feel like I am at home. As I am from an industrial city, I find the air very clean here and it is a nice environment. I spend my spare time going to the cinema, the pub and watching Newcastle United at St. James' Park. I have been to many matches and enjoy it. The atmosphere on the streets before the game is like it was a festival and inside the ground it is equally as good if not better. The coastal area of the city at Tynemouth is also very beautiful. I expected the cost of living to be higher before I first arrived but it has actually turned out to be OK - the prices here are reasonable.

Advice for future students

Even though I was a little anxious before coming here, I would advise future students to not be frightened as they will enjoy it. I can certainly say that it's great here and I certainly am enjoying it.

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