Student Profile

Radhiah from Malaysia

Environmental Engineeing MSc

Your Course

The course that I am doing is very interesting. I can relate the current subjects to my background. The site visits which we carry out as part of the course provide a good eye opener into the industry for people like me who have little experience in this field. Such site visits were also useful to apply what we had learned in the lectures and seminars. I also find that all of the lecturers and staff in the University are very helpful and friendly. The Environmental Engineering for Developing Countries module is very good, showing that as an engineer you can also give back to the poorer, rural societies who are really in need of sanitation and good water supplies.

Making Friends

It is relatively easy to make friends in Newcastle.

Language Support

I have not found much difficulty with studying in English although it is my second language, as my undergraduate degree was also in English. I  am aware of the extensive support that is available from the University, from the email that I often receive about the English classes that are available.

Cost of Living

As I live in the city, the rent is a bit expensive. However in terms of food and public transport, etc., they are relatively affordable and not too expensive.

Living in Newcastle

I would say the best thing about living in Newcastle, besides the beautiful architecture and plenty of outdoor activities( beautiful parks, beaches,etc) would be how friendly and helpful people here can be. I also appreciate their honesty.

International Advice

My only advice would be to consider the accommodation location and costs etc. Everything else can be found here and you do not have to bring anything from back home.


I live in Magnet Court, Gallowgate Road. It is right in the city centre. It is very convenient for me, as it close to the University and everything else. However, I do find the rent a bit expensive, considering the cost and it is only a studio flat with no parking spaces. Otherwise, the staff are very helpful and friendly, where any complaints will be dealt with almost instantly.

Accommodation Tips

Consider whether you want to share a flat or live in a studio. If you are fine sharing the kitchen with someone else, then just take the flat sharing option as it is cheaper than living in a studio.

Spare time

I normally finish my coursework during the week. At the weekend I will go out for a jog, go to the beach, or the huge mall, or go the nearby cities such as York, Leeds, Edinburgh or go down to London. Basically, I try to go out as much as possible.

Best Thing

I like the interesting modules planned out for my course. I am also amazed at how helpful and friendly the lecturers are. There is no communication barrier between lecturers and students, and they are always very accommodating to students.

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