Student Profile

Maimon from Indonesia

Media Studies PhD

Course dates: 2011 - 2014

Your Course

Before completing the PhD, part of this course is to do a Postgraduate Research Certificate. I found this part of the course very useful as it gave me a necessary basic knowledge of research methodology. This part of the course was also a good networking opportunity to meet students doing PhDs in other areas and share research ideas, make friends and of course have fun.

My PhD is on the role and experience of female journalists in Indonesia. I have a good supervisor and a good relationship with her.

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle because of its high ranking in the Sunday Times Higher Education Guide and because the quality of student life is very good. A few years ago, my husband did his PhD here in chemistry. Having lived here before, I knew the quality of life was good so was keen to return.


The Robinson Library is amazing. I like that there are cubicles where you can sit quietly and get on with your work. The computer clusters are easily accessible and there is a good range of books and plenty of discussions areas.

I also love the Student's Union. There is a coffee shop which I use a lot. It's also nice that you can get free coffee in the Daysh Building Postgraduate Room. It saves money on coffee and it's a nice a place to sit with other students and have a coffee and a chat.


I live in private rented accommodation in Fenham. Having lived here previously, I had a good network of friends which made finding accommodation easier. Fenham is a good area as it has many Halal shops. It is quite far to walk to the University but it is good exercise to do so.

The City

Newcastle is one of the best cities for studying when I compare it to where my friends are studying at other cities in the UK. Everything you need is here. The accommodation is cheap and the cost of living is affordable. The Geordie people are friendly although difficult to understand and there is a good sense of community around the place.

International Advice

I would advise students to come to Newcastle to experience the best life they can as a student. The University and community as a whole make it a very enjoyable experience. I say, come to Newcastle!

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