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Enterprising students win award

3 July 2015 The Journal Business
Entrepreneurial students Stuart Maitland and Alex Brown have won the national final of the Santander Universities Enterprise Awards for their Mediwikis collaborative revision website.

Traders' hormones 'increase risky behaviour'

3 July 2015 BBC News
Dr Richard Quinton comments briefly on research by Imperial College London that suggests raised levels of the hormones testosterone and cortisol can make traders take more risks, which could create instability in financial markets.

Rich ghettos: the rural housing crisis no one is talking about

3 July 2015 The Conversation
Professor Mark Shucksmith writes: As the internet explodes with articles focused on London, it’s is an ideal moment to take stock of the situation and ensure people in the countryside don’t get drowned out.

Doctor steps into 'breech' with new film about childbirth

2 July 2015 The Journal
Dr Rebecca Say, from Newcastle University's Institute of Health and Society, has launched a film to educate women about breech birth.

GP shortage

1 July 2015 BBC Tees
Dr Steve Jones comments on the range of specialities open to junior doctors in piece about the shortage of GPs.

Missing staiths artwork

1 July 2015 The Journal
A new book on Professor of Contemporary Sculpture Wolfgang Weileder's project has placed Dunston Staiths in Gateshead centre stage in a national heritage debate.

Earthquake didn't trigger Lusi mud volcano

30 June 2015
Research involving Prof Richard Davies, Newcastle University, suggests that an earthquake was not the trigger for a major mud volcano disaster in Indonesia.

Genetic research used to tackle rare kidney issue

30 June 2015 The Journal
Research led by Dr John Sayer will help prevent future generations of patients developing a rare kidney condition.

Project takes science to the people with show in city

30 June 2015 The Journal
Award-winning project, Soapbox Science, brings science to the streets in the hope of getting more girls involved. The event featured scientists from Newcastle University.

Britain's hostility to lie detector tests 'misguided and irrational', says leading psychologist

27 June 2015 Independent online; i(the paper for today)
Prof Don Grubin says that the UK's failure to use polygraph, or so-called lie-detector tests is misguided and irrational.

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