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A log ladder and a horse provide flooding defences

28 August 2015 The Journal
A new natural flood management scheme inspired by the children's game Kerplunk is helping to reduce flood risk at Haltwhistle Burn.

Methanotrophs: bacteria that could protect our environment

28 August 2015 BBSRC News
Publishing in Nature, Professor Chris Dennison and colleagues have provided new understanding of methanotrophs, bacteria that can oxidise methane, which may help us develop biotechnological applications that exploit methane and protect our environment from this potent greenhouse gas.

A Brief History of Graffiti

27 August 2015 BBC Four
In his latest documentary, Professor Richard Clay goes in search of what it is that has made us scribble and scratch mementoes of our lives for more than 30,000 years.

Why the Co-op Bank is better off ditching its ‘ethical’ brand

27 August 2015 The Conversation
Professor John Wilson argues that the Co-op Bank should move away from its focus on ethical banking.

Florian Thauvin or Toe-Van? A guide to pronouncing the names of Newcastle United's summer signings

27 August 2015 Chronicle online
Language expert Dr Damien Hall provides the correct pronunciation of the foreign players who have joined Newcastle United.

Newcastle University's global reach benefits the whole region, not just the students

27 August 2015 The Journal
Professor Richard Davies talks about why being truly international is vital for the University and the region.

A dancing wardrobe... and art made of seaweed

26 August 2015 The Journal
Showcasing the talents of postgraduate students, Newcastle University's Master of Fine Art exhibition is currently underway at the Hatton Gallery.

Alfie and Charlie Breakfast

26 August 2015 BBC Radio Newcastle listen from 1:49:38
Interview with Professor Richard Clay about his new documentary, 'A brief history of graffiti'

Simon Logan Show

26 August 2015 BBC Radio Newcastle listen from 2:54:32 and again from 3:12:50
Tracey Tofield talks about the Arthouses programme which sees artists install their work directly into the community.

Campus art revealed by new guide

26 August 2015 The Journal Culture
The 'Discover' booklet shows the cultural riches which can be found at Newcastle University - both on campus and in its archives.

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