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How to get funding for your arts and humanities postgrad

23 October 2014  The Guardian
An overview of funding souces avalable to postgraduate students studying arts and humanities. Article mentions the 20% Newcastle University alumni discount.

The next big thing in the fight against obesity

23 October 2014  The Journal
A €9m project, led by Professor Lynn Frewer, explores how food affects the behaviour in our genes.

Early-childhood infections linked to hearing loss in late life, study says

23 October 2014  Fox News
A study, led by Dr Mark Pearce, discovered a link between late-life hearing loss and common, early-childhood illnesses like tonsillitis and ear infections.

MPs to investigate controversial three-parent IVF technique

23 October 2014  ITV online
Yesterday, a committee of MPs looked at whether the UK should become the first country in the world to legalise an IVF technique that was developed by the teams of professors Doug Turnbull and Mary Herbert.

Walking pattern offers clues to speed of brain decline

22 October 2014  Daily Telegraph
Subtle changes in the walking pattern of Parkinson’s patients could predict their rate of cognitive decline, according to a study led by Lynn Rochester, Professor of Human Movement Science.

Parents call on MPs to back technique to end agony of rare childhood disease

22 October 2014  The Guardian
Parliament to decide this week whether to back the IVF procedure, developed by Professor Turnbull and his team at Newcastle University.

North professor study with insects honour is a world first

22 October 2014  The Journal
Professor Angharad Gatehouse has become the first woman ever to receive the world's top honour for insect research.

New ways are the key

22 October 2014  The Journal, Top 200 supplement
Professor John Wilson writes about compiling a list of the top 200 businesses in the North East.

Afternoon Edition

21 October 2014  BBC Radio 5
The Commons Science and Technology Committee will be hearing evidence later this week about the IVF treatment preventing mitochondrial disease, which was pioneered at Newcastle University. Professor Doug Turnbull is a part of a panel of guests discussing the technique. (Clips starts at 39 minutes.)

We need a completely new approach to caring for older people

21 October 2014  The Independent
An article by Carol Jagger, Professor of Epidemiology of Ageing, about the need to rethink the structure of how we care for the older people in our society.

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