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Drug discovery company announce key milestone

22 May 2015 Journal business
Newcastle University spin-out drug discovery and development company e-Therapeutics has enrolled its first patient into the next phase on a cancer drug trial.


22 May 2015 BBC Radio Newcastle - listen from 50:50
Dr Joan Harvey talks about the emotional impact that relegation battles have on football fans.

Pollster John Curtice warns Labour a majority in 2020 is 'improbable'

22 May 2015 Guardian online
In his public lecture at Newcastle University, leading psephologist  John Curtice pointed out that Labour would need a 12.5% lead over the Conservatives just to get a majority at the next election if support for the Scottish nationalists stayed the same.

Geordie cancer drug that is giving patients precious extra time

21 May 2015 Journal & Northern Echo
A new drug, which is being tested, is allowing some patients with terminal diagnosis to maintain a good standard of life. Rucaparib is a type of drug known as a PARP inhibitor and was initially developed in a collaboration between Newcastle University and Cancer Research UK.

How (not) to deploy an electronic voting system

21 May 2015 Express Tribune, Pakistan
As a judicial commission inquiry on election rigging in Pakistan gets underway, Dr Taha Ali argues that electronic voting machines (EVMs) need years of research and pilot studies before being rolled out on a mass scale.

Cadets online safety talk

21 May 2015 Journal
Newcastle University law students briefed air cadets on the risks of cybercrime and online safety.

Big data to change urban mobility habits across the globe

20 May 2015 E & T
Prof Phil Blythe comments on the potential for live data to be used to develop sustainable city-wide transport networks.

Dental Plaque and mouthwash

20 May 2015 BBC 1 The One Show (listen from 02:40)
Drs Nick Jakubovics and Richard Holliday together with a group of dental students help test mouthwashes.

Grip strength may provide clues to heart health

20 May 2015 Harvard Medical School blog
Mentions an editorial in The Lancet by Prof Tom Kirkwood, where he suggests that grip strength may also be a good indicator of biological age.

All eyes will be on Gallery of Wonder

19 May 2015 The Journal
Irene Brown, fine art lecturer, is organising a touring cabinet of curiosities which will be displayed at county shows and agricultural fairs across Northumberland this summer.

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