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The Brave New World of Three-Parent I.V.F.

27 June 2014  New York Times Magazine
Feature on new IVF technique developed at Newcastle University. With quotes from Professor Mary Herbert.

First medical students to graduate at NUMed Malaysia

27 June 2014  Newsday, BBC World News
The vice-chancellor, Professor Chris Brink, talks about tomorrow's NUMed graduation ceremony and the reasons why the University has expanded overseas.

Peer backs 'clear vision' of future for North East

27 June 2014  The Journal
Further coverage of the start of the building of the Neptune National Centre for subsea and offshore engineering.

Staithes artwork has a lot of bottle

27 June 2014  The Journal
Professor of sculpture, Wolfgang Weileder, is installing an artwork at the Dunston Staithes.

Newcastle University launches a course about the UNESCO World Heritage Site with FutureLearn

27 June 2014  India Education Diary
Understanding historical and cultural significance of a world renowned heritage site is now a click away with the University's first free online course – 'Hadrian's Wall: life on the Roman frontier'.

Campus Close-Up

26 June 2014  Times Higher Education
The first doctors trained at a UK university’s overseas campus are set to graduate this week.  (please scroll down to this item)

Grant winners

26 June 2014  Times Higher Education
Professor Jonathan Higgins has secured a Wolfson Research Merit Award to further his work on histone phosphorylation in mitosis and meiosis.

Patients 'facing longer GP waits', warns BMA

26 June 2014  BBC News
Newcastle University students join the debate on GP funding and the rising demands from patients.

Ibuprofen could prevent premature ageing by combating arthritis, study shows

26 June 2014  Daily Telegraph
Further coverage of Professor Thomas von Zglinicki's research which found that Ibuprofen could be a cheap and simple antidote to the toxic effects of chronic inflammation.

Work begins on unique subsea research centre

26 June 2014  The Journal
Construction of a world leading £7m subsea research centre of the north bank of the Tyne will begin today.

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