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MP's debate use of 'three parent DNA' treatment

02 September 2014  Newsnight
Documentary about a mitochondrial technique developed at Newcastle University, plus coverage of a debate in Parliament last night about the issue. (from 31 mins into programme)

Michael Brick obituary

02 September 2014  The Guardian
Prof Frances Spalding remembers the inspirational Newcastle lecturer and artist Michael Brick, who died last month from a heart attack.

Time to cross the border

02 September 2014  The Journal
Dr Alistair Clark comments on a petition launched to join the North East to an independent Scotland.

Prof tackles 10th GNR to help fund his own research

02 September 2014  The Journal
John Isaacs, professor of clinical rheumatology and Director of the Institute of Cellular Medicine at Newcastle University, will be taking part in the Great North Run for the 10th time in the hope of raising £3,000 for Arthritis Research UK.

Don’t let anyone else have to go through our pain

01 September 2014  The Journal
A North East mother who has lost seven children to a devastating inherited disease has issued a plea to MPs to back ground-breaking IVF research developed at Newcastle University which successfully allows the transfer of DNA between two human eggs.

Scots crooks could face lie detector tests

01 September 2014  Daily Express Scotland
Prof Don Grubin comments on plans to bring polygraph testing to the Scottish justice system. As part of a trial, police in England and Wales are currently testing paedophiles and other sex offenders after they are released from prison.

University offers help to budding entrepreneurs

01 September 2014  The Journal
Today, Newcastle University is launching Founderships, a programme offering recent graduates advice, support and funding to help them commercialise their research.
No url but see press release.

Going beyond the paperchase

01 September 2014  Singapore Business Times
Ehsan Mesbahi, Dean of Newcastle University Singapore, adds to the debate in the Singapore Business Times about employment and how universities can help provide relevant skills to industry employees.

Three-parent babies: good or bad?

31 August 2014  Sunday Telegraph
Prof Doug Turnbull comments on mitochondrial transfer research being carried out at Newcastle University which would give women with genetic disorders the chance to have healthy babies.

Childhood cancer survivors face risk of early death

30 August 2014  The Times
Includes comment from Prof Anthony Moorman, who has led a study which says 20% of children with the most common form of leukaemia may be successfully treated with less chemotherapy than currently prescribed.

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