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Gateshead primary school children give new healthier lunches the thumbs up

10 January 2015  Evening Chronicle
Government food standards have been introduced this month to ensure meals for primary school children are healthy and nutritious. Professor Ashley Adamson, who helped devise the new standards, is quoted.

Professor to share ideas with the public

10 January 2015  The Journal
Professor Lord Robert Winston will give a free lecture in May at Newcastle’s Lit & Phil. The event in May will also feature Newcastle University’s Professor Paul Watson.

Our Own Friendly Neighbourhood Yeast-Breakers

09 January 2015  National Geographic
Further coverage of the Newcastle University study which shows that a common and well-studied gut bacterium has become exceptionally good at eating the unique carbohydrates found in yeasts - with possible implications for human health.

Campaigners for more English powers are missing a trick

09 January 2015  The Conversation
Dr Alistair Clark discusses the four options that could be on the table for devolved powers in England.

The geography of military recruitment

09 January 2015  Geographical magazine
Dr Matthew Rech compares the military recruitment strategies of the US and the UK.

Artist reveals 3D shape of restricted airspaces

09 January 2015  The Journal
Newcastle University artist Matthew Flintham investigates out of bounds landscapes as part of a new exhibition staring today at the Ex-Libris galley, next to the Hatton Gallery.

Psychosis study may improve treatment

09 January 2015  The Journal
Experts in the North East, led by Professor Douglas Turkington, are set to begin groundbreaking research to understand the use of language in schizophrenia.

'Dyslexia label can harm young'

09 January 2015  Northern Echo
Declaring children dyslexic may harm their wellbeing and development, according to a study led by Dr Simon Gibbs.

New antibiotic could work for 30 years – if used right

08 January 2015  New Scientist
Dr James Stack comments on the discovery of a new antibiotic which seems to act on the "gram-positive" group of bacteria.

Medical research revealed

08 January 2015  Northern Echo
Led by Newcastle University, UK, and the University of Michigan, new research has found bacteria that have evolved to eat their way through yeast in the human gut. The discovery could inform the development of new treatments for people suffering from bowel diseases.

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