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Why food really can be the universal language

14 October 2014  The Journal
Academics at Newcastle University have inserted pioneering digital devices into cooking utensils to help students learn new languages as they cook.

Well of knowledge informs debate on new energy source

14 October 2014  The Journal
The BritGeothermal Research Partnership, which consists of the Newcastle, Durham and Glasgow universities and the British Geological Survey, was launched at a conference in London yesterday.

Newcastle University: Get on board the experience of a lifetime

11 October 2014  Higher Education Review, India
Professor Richard Davies talks about the strengths of Newcastle University in the Indian higher education magazine.

Safe seats could count for nothing if Ukip raid Labour's heartland

11 October 2014  The Journal
If Heywood and Middleton result was repeated next May, UKIP could win 11 seats in the North East. Includes a comment from political expert Dr Martin Farr, Senior Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary British History.

Historians to give series of free talks about war

11 October 2014   The Journal
Eminent historians, including Martin Pugh – former Professor of British History at Newcastle University, will be giving a series of free talks at this year’s Northumberland History Fair.

Inside and out, it's an art display to make you feel at home

11 October 2014  The Journal
An exhibition, which included a project involving fine art students from Newcastle University, took place over the weekend in the grounds of a Northumberland mansion.

In the Shadows of Archaeological Swashbucklers

10 October 2014  New York Times
A feature about several Middle East archaeological sites and the archaeologists who explored them.  Includes an overview of Gertrude Bell, the book “Queen of the Desert”, the upcoming film about the archaeologist and diplomat, and the exhibition in the Great North Museum.

Mom’s Mitochondria Affect Pup Longevity

10 October 2014  The Scientist
A new study involving mice shows that mitochondrial DNA mutations in the mother’s eggs can shorten her pups’ lives by approximately one third. Article features a comment from Professor Doug Turnbull.

Ageing city

10 October 2014  BBC Look North
Professor Tom Kirkwood discusses the demands of an ageing population.

Stay calm on Ebola threat

10 October 2014  Northern Echo
Expert in infectious diseases, Dr Anjam Khan talks about the Ebola virus.

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