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'Unruly Places' is a guide to weird, ruined and wonderful spots

25 July 2014 Los Angeles Times
A review of Professor Alastair Bonnet's book 'Unruly Places'.

The Georgians: Restraint, Revolution and Reform

24 July 2014 Radio Four
Prof Helen Berry, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, discusses political life in Georgian times.

No bigger cancer risk at Sellafield

24 July 2014 Journal
Researchers from Newcastle University and Oxford University have found that children, teenagers and young adults who live near the Sellafield and Dounreay nuclear plants are not at an increased risk of developing cancer. 

North unis aiming for a broader social mix

24 July 2014 Journal
Newcastle University is sending its students into schools across the city to search out academic potential and create a better social mix on campus. This initiative has been highlighted by the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) as a shining example of how universities can help to raise aspirations and attainment among those with the talent to benefit from higher education.

Worm neuron hack to probe the mysteries of our brains

24 July 2014 New Scientist
Dr Mark Cunningham from the Institute of Neuroscience comments on research where nematode worms were given extra neural connections, changing the way they respond to salt and smells.

Health fears over Government plans to put folic acid in bread

23 July 2014 Express
A study by Newcastle University shows synthetic folic acid is not processed by the body in the same way as natural folates which are found in green vegetables

A Newcastle University education in a much warmer location

23 July 2014 Telegraph
Students from Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) recently graduated with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degrees.

Three person IVF plans progress in the UK

23 July 2014 BBC News
The creation of babies using sperm and eggs from three people to prevent mitochondrial disease – a technique developed at Newcastle University - has moved a step closer in the UK.

Organic vs non-organic

21 July 2014  BBC Countryfile
Further coverage of the Newcastle University-led study to investigate the impact of farming practices on the nutritional content of our food

Taking fingerprints now reveals a criminal's sex and even how much coffee they've drunk

21 July 2014 Daily Mail online
A revolutionary powder which can show from a single fingerprint what a person has eaten, what medication they’re on and even their sex has been developed by Arro SupraNano. Based in INEX, the team are working with experts at Newcastle University.

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