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Longer life for damaged livers

04 November 2014
Researchers on a European project called d-Liver are developing a platform to allow chronic liver disease sufferers to know when their livers are faltering and when they need special hospital care, not just regular check-ups. James Orr, a clinical research fellow in hepatology, at Newcastle University says the technology should improve the quality of life of patients.

London: A city in perpetual gridlock

04 November 2014
Edmund King, president of the AA, and a visiting professor of transport at Newcastle University is quoted in a feature looking at the steps being taken by Government and businesses to ease congestion in London.

Citizen scientist team to record our coastal species

04 November 2014  The Journal
Experts from Newcastle University – backed by a £1.7m Heritage Lottery Fund grant – will train 3000 volunteers for the ’Capture our Coast’ project, which will investigate how the coastline is responding to climate change.

Anniversary debate on the future of North-East

04 November 2014   Northern Echo
The University is hosting a panel debate event today with senior politicians, journalists and business leaders to discuss decentralisation in the wake of the Scottish independence referendum.

Visa card glitch could lead to fraud

01 November 2014  National BBC Breakfast
Newcastle University research reveals how criminals could steal large amounts of money from people's pockets using a mobile phone, because of a glitch in Visa's contactless credit cards.

Making green plastics viable for everyday use

03 November 2014  Asia
Scientists at Newcastle University International Singapore have devised a technique to make renewable and biodegradable plastics called bioplastics more commercially viable.

Rajoy Assailed as Spain’s Podemos Surges, Catalans Vote

03 November 2014  Bloomberg News
Dr Alex Quiroga, reader in Spanish political history, comments on voter opinion ahead of an informal ballot on Catalonian independence.

Course Cursor - Prevent the fall

03 November 2014  Times of India
Newcastle University has launched a massive open online course (MOOC) titled 'Ageing Well: Falls', which aims to help those who have been affected by falls.  Includes comments from Professor Julia Newton, explaining what the course will cover. 

The Choir

02 November 2014  BBC Radio 3
The Newcastle Bach Choir, conducted by Professor Eric Cross, featured in BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking Festival of Ideas at the SageGateshead. Interspersed with comments from the internationally acclaimed baritone and Newcastle honorary Alumnus Sir Thomas Allen and details of next concert.

Alexander McCall Smith: on rewriting Jane Austen's Emma, with her lessons on love and money still to the fore

02 November 2014  Sunday Herald
A feature looking at the modern relevance of Jane Austin includes comments from Dr Sinead Murphy,  who has written a Jane Austin-inspired book about dating, ‘The Jane Austen Rules’.

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