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Gadget that trains your brain to ignore tinnitus

26 May 2015  Daily Mail, Ireland
A new device that stimulates the tongue may be a new way to tackle tinnitus. Mentions research by Newcastle and Iowa Universities which has shown that more areas of the brain are involved in tinnitus than the sound centre.
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Greater collaboration between universities and businesses is way forward

26 May 2015  The Journal, Business
Sarah Glendinning, North East CBI regional director, mentions the University's Flying Start Degree Programme as a good example of greater collaboration between universities and businesses in the region.

Another fine art show you've got us into

26 May 2015  The Journal Culture Magazine
The University's BA Fine Art show, which is financed through student fundraising, opens next Saturday at the Hatton Gallery and runs until June 13.
No url but see NU Connections article

Live Breakfast

25 May 2015  BBC Radio 5 LiveBBC News online; BBC Radio 2; BBC Radio 4
Teams from Bristol and Newcastle universities carried out eye tests on more than 5,800 children and did not find any differences in the vision of those with dyslexia. (Listen from 02:23)

Course cursor - Urban space

25 May 2015  Times of India
An overview of the Urban Planning courses at Newcastle University and how they can help train experts to meet India’s increasing demand for urban space.

What’s new?

25 May 2015  The Hindu
Mentions some of the scholarships offered by The School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences.

Is fat the new normal

24 May 2015  Sunday Times
As we grow used to obesity in Hollywood and fashion, will the decline of ‘body fascism’ make us ill? Mentions Dr Anstee’s research into non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Who, What, Why: Can you reduce sugar in food without anyone noticing?

23 May 2015  BBC News Magazine
The West has a sweet tooth. "Research by Public Health England shows children get around 14% of their energy from sugar," explains Paula Moynihan, professor of nutrition and oral health.


24 May 2015  BBC 1
Research carried out at Newcastle University has highlighted that the level of metallic contaminants within green waste is having a detrimental effect on geophysical surveys.  (Watch from 13:42)

North East scientists at forefront in tackling superbugs

23 May 2015  The Journal
Prof Rick Lewis and Prof Waldemar Vollmer are part of a team that has been awarded more than £3m to develop new antibiotics designed to tackle the growing threat from bugs resistant to current medication.

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