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thumbnail ‘When good cells turn bad’ - immune cells can promote liver cancer

A team of Newcastle University scientists have found that specialised immune cells in our bodies that normally act to protect us from infections can have a dark side in the development of liver cancer.

published on: 16th April 2015


thumbnail Over 100 students will receive postgraduate funding boost

More than 100 students will each be awarded a £10,000 scholarship at Newcastle University to allow those from under-represented groups do a master’s degree.

published on: 15th April 2015


thumbnail Newcastle University and mental health charity launch new film

Newcastle University, in partnership with a local charity, has launched a new educational film about shared decision making (SDM) in mental health care.

published on: 10th April 2015


thumbnail Newcastle University voted Top 10 for student experience

Newcastle University has been ranked in the UK’s Top 10 for the experience it offers its students, according to an independent survey published today (9th April).

published on: 9th April 2015


thumbnail Researchers chart course for recovery of reef fishes

Researchers have, for the first time, identified the extent to which fish populations on the world’s coral reefs have been depleted by fishing and estimated the recovery potential that different conservation measures could have. 

published on: 8th April 2015

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