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thumbnail Early parenting routines may harm breastfeeding

New collaborative research between Newcastle and Swansea University indicates that mothers who choose to follow strict parenting routines for sleep and feeding in early infancy are less likely to breastfeed their baby or to stop in the first few weeks.

published on: 14th February 2014


thumbnail A small ship with a Titanic reputation – why RMS Titanic is no longer the ship she once was

Despite conjuring up images of vastness and opulence, Titanic was actually no bigger than a North Sea ferry and could easily sit on the deck of a large container ship.

published on: 11th February 2014


thumbnail Smoking ban in cars with children difficult to enforce

Dr Neil Thorpe, Lecturer in Transport Studies in the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, discusses the difficulty of trying to ban smoking in cars.

published on: 10th February 2014


thumbnail Cognitive therapy might be beneficial for people with schizophrenia

For people with schizophrenia who can't or won't take antipsychotic drug treatment, cognitive therapy could be a viable therapeutic alternative, according to a groundbreaking randomised trial published in the Lancet.

published on: 6th February 2014


thumbnail A whole new way of learning: first School in the Cloud takes shape in India

India’s first ‘School in the Cloud’ facility is off to an auspicious start: it’s located just across the road from the original Hole in the Wall that sparked a global phenomenon.

published on: 4th February 2014

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