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thumbnail Research highlights the importance of good planning

Researchers from the University’s School of Architecture Planning and Landscape have produced a report that highlights the value of planning to cities like Newcastle.

published on: 23rd December 2014


thumbnail Chance find suggests early humans were at gateway to Europe earlier than thought

The discovery of a stone flake that shows evidence of being hammered by a hard tool has led scientists to conclude that early humans occupied parts of western Turkey much earlier than previously thought.

published on: 23rd December 2014


thumbnail Old photos shed light on the Antarctic

Aerial photos from the 1940s and 1950s are being used to probe the climate history of the Antarctic Peninsula.

published on: 20th December 2014


thumbnail Newcastle University ranked 16th in UK for global research power

An independent assessment of UK university research quality published today has confirmed Newcastle University’s position as one of the most powerful research universities in the country and the most powerful in the North East.

published on: 18th December 2014


thumbnail Change in law for pioneering IVF technique one step closer

Newcastle scientists have welcomed the news that a pioneering IVF-based technique they are developing to reduce the risk of mitochondrial diseases is one step closer to be available.

published on: 17th December 2014

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