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thumbnail Experts collaborate to crack difficult disease areas

Leading academics at Newcastle University are part of a multi-million pound collaboration to improve scientists’ understanding of inflammatory diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases and fibrosis.

published on: 15th July 2015


thumbnail Ideas bubble over at Science Central

Work has begun on a revolutionary ‘soap bubble’ building that will house the first research labs on Science Central.

published on: 14th July 2015


thumbnail Transplant drug could turn the tide of heart attack damage

New research has revealed how a drug commonly used after transplant operations could limit some of the heart damage caused by a heart attack, in a study from Newcastle University.

published on: 14th July 2015


thumbnail Toasting the success of student brewers

Student brewers from Newcastle University have a reason to cheer after winning the 2015 National Union of Students (NUS) Enterprise Award.

published on: 14th July 2015


thumbnail Policymakers fail to address public concerns on fracking

Rather than seeking to persuade the public of the benefits of fracking, policymakers should engage them in dialogue, allowing both sides to learn from the others’ viewpoint, new research claims.

published on: 14th July 2015

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