Press Releases in 2011

thumbnail Good communication in early years key to success at school

Parents who foster a love of reading in a child’s early years are ensuring they get off to a flying start at school, according to new research.

published on: 30th June 2011


thumbnail Borehole hits the jackpot

Hot water from Newcastle’s geothermal borehole finally gushed to the surface.

published on: 27th June 2011


thumbnail New mobile project rocks

A new digital media project at Newcastle University is proving that academic thought is not set in stone.

published on: 27th June 2011


thumbnail Premature ageing caused by some HIV drugs, study shows

A class of anti-retroviral drugs commonly used to treat HIV, particularly in Africa and low income countries, can cause premature ageing, new research reveals.

published on: 26th June 2011


thumbnail Breakthrough could make ‘smart drugs’ effective for many cancer patients

Newcastle and Harvard University reseachers have found that blocking a key component of the DNA repair process could extend the use of a new range of 'smart' cancer drugs called PARP inhibitors.

published on: 26th June 2011


thumbnail Diet reverses Type 2 Diabetes

A Newcastle University team has discovered that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by an extreme low calorie diet alone.

published on: 24th June 2011


thumbnail Newcastle University highly rated in Times Good University Guide

Newcastle University has maintained its strong position as one of the top institutions in the country, according to the latest Times Good University Guide.

published on: 23rd June 2011


thumbnail Jobs success for Newcastle University graduates

More Newcastle University students are finding employment in top level jobs, despite the economic downturn, new Government statistics have revealed.

published on: 17th June 2011


thumbnail National awards for Newcastle University campus and library

Students helping decide which books Newcastle University should provide in the library and a refurbished campus have received national recognition.

published on: 17th June 2011


thumbnail Research projects celebrated as Big Ideas for the Future

Newcastle University’s groundbreaking projects in four areas have been chosen as examples of some of the most important research in UK universities.

published on: 16th June 2011


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