Press Releases in 2011

thumbnail Rural policy needs 'a fresh approach' says new report

Rural policies are out of date and fail to reflect the reality of 21st century Europe, according to a major new report.

published on: 1st December 2011


thumbnail Infrastructure plan good news for civil engineers of the future

Leading experts at one of the country’s top institutions for civil engineering research have welcomed the Chancellor’s announcement to invest £30bn into infrastructure schemes across the UK.

published on: 29th November 2011


thumbnail Iconic sculptures head to Newcastle University

A series of iconic artworks that had marked the entrance to One North East’s headquarters in Newburn have been relocated to Newcastle University – the alma mater of the artist who created the sculptures.

published on: 29th November 2011


thumbnail Tackling malnutrition in older patients on the wards

Experts led by Newcastle University are designing and building a system aimed at combating malnutrition in older people in hospitals.

published on: 29th November 2011


thumbnail Newcastle success in bid to win British Science Festival

The British Science Festival - Europe's largest and most high profile public science event - is coming to Newcastle in September 2013.

published on: 28th November 2011


thumbnail Global warming poses biggest threat to vulnerable communities

Urgent action is needed to help millions of people most at risk from the impacts of global warming, leading scientists have warned.

published on: 28th November 2011


thumbnail Creative solutions to a growing problem

The only way is up for Newcastle University Masters student Ben Holden, who is helping to find creative ways of inspiring a new generation of Earth-conscious city dwellers.

published on: 28th November 2011


thumbnail Manipulating serotonin can promote healthy repair in chronic liver disease

Publishing in the leading medical journal Nature Medicine, a team led by Newcastle University academics have identified serotonin receptors which can be targeted with drugs to enhance the natural healing properties of the liver.

published on: 27th November 2011


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