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thumbnail Newcastle University is the place to be according to international students

Newcastle University continues to climb when it comes to achieving international student satisfaction.

published on: 11th April 2014


thumbnail Google Glass puts the focus on Parkinson's

The next generation of wearable computing is being trialled for the first time to evaluate its potential to support people with Parkinson’s.

published on: 9th April 2014


thumbnail Solving the energy dilemma

One hundred years after his death, Swan’s legacy burns brighter than ever.  Professor Tony Roskilly, Director of Newcastle University’s Sir Joseph Swan Centre, explains why the North East is still leading the way in energy research.

published on: 26th March 2014


thumbnail Do chairs cause heart attacks

The inaugural International Translational Medical Research Conference takes place at Newcastle University's Malaysian medical campus based in EduCity in Johor, NUMed Malaysia.

published on: 26th February 2014


thumbnail Water samples from the Upper Ganges River shed light on the spread of potential 'superbugs'

The spread of antibiotic-resistance to one of the most pristine locations in Asia is linked to the annual human pilgrimages to the region, new research has shown.

published on: 17th February 2014

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