Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme Staff

Doctorate In Clinical Psychology Teaching Staff

Professor Mark Freeston
Professor of Clinical Psychology

Dr Fiona Gullon-Scott
Academic Tutor

Dr Emma Honey
Associate Clinical Lecturer

Dr Emily Lennie
Associate Clinical Teacher

Dr Claire Lomax
Programme Director

Theresa Marrinan
Clinical / Co-Senior Academic Tutor

Dr David O'Sullivan
Associate Clinical Teacher

John Ormrod
Senior Clinical Tutor

Dr Gary Robinson
Lecturer in Sports & Clinical Psychology

Dr Jacqueline Rodgers
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Doctorate Admin Support Staff

Alex Charlton
Clerical Assistant

Karen Clark
Clerical Assistant, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Lynne Davison
Programme Administrator, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and MSc in Psychology (Foundations in Clinical & Health/Forensic Psychology)