Starting in the second part of Year 1, students develop a project and following review and development in the early part of Year 2, collect data through Year 2 and the first half of Year 3, leading to the submission of a literature review and a subsequent empirical project during Year Research 3. Research days are available though Year 2 and Year 3.

The dissertation consists of a literature review and empirical project presented in manuscript form each typically 5,000 to 8,000 words in length. It aims to introduce trainees to the realities of conducting clinically relevant research and to foster the competencies conducive to an active research role in the NHS. This requires the ability to identify appropriate topics, formulate relevant questions, select an appropriate methodology, submit a research proposal, execute the project within a tight schedule, analyse the results, and communicate the findings effectively through written and oral methods. Both papers are expected to be written to a publishable standard.

The region’s research community has a range of ongoing clinically relevant research programmes and welcomes collaboration with our trainees and all projects have an explicit psychological underpinning. We strongly encourage a programmatic research model, in keeping with R & D initiatives within the NHS. This affords significant advantages to trainees in terms of knowledge, expertise and support for the work they are undertaking.

A service-related development research project is also submitted in Year 2. This is normally conducted during placement time during the first two years of training and aims to provide trainees with the opportunity to demonstrate competence in relation to service-related, implementation research. It addresses topics primarily of relevance to the practice of clinical psychology within the local clinical service in which it is undertaken (e.g. an audit or staff training).

Excellent general learning resources are available within the University. A range of specific and valuable resources are also available on placement.