Update: Monthly Newsletter

The monthly Learning and Teaching Newsletter is produced by QuILT on behalf of Suzanne Cholerton, PVC for Learning and Teaching. This Newsletter is becoming a more central part of communications through QuILT.

From March 2012 we are including an update about the Newcastle Offer and 'Project 2012' projects. This expands the original aims of supporting the development of learning and teaching at Newcastle by:

- promoting development and funding opportunities
- promoting internal and external dissemination events
- highlighting teaching and learning-related news.

You are very welcome to forward this Newsletter to other staff or to reuse the content for briefings within your Academic Unit. The Newsletter is currently sent to over 650 people. These include:

- UG and PG Deans
- Heads of Teaching and Learning
- Senior Tutors
- FTLSEC and UTLSEC members
- Heads of Academic Unit
- NSS contacts in Academic Units
- staff who have attended QuILT quality enhancement events in the past 18 months
- staff who have asked to receive the Newsletter.

This information is updated periodically, for example when FTLSEC reps are confirmed each year.

All staff are welcome to submit learning and teaching items for inclusion in this Newsletter.

Please contact Ashleigh Cummins ashleigh.cummins@ncl.ac.uk if you would like to receive the Newsletter by email each month.
Please contact Lydia Wysocki lydia.wysocki@ncl.ac.uk if you would like to submit learning and teaching items for the Newsletter.

published on: 9th March 2012