Quality & Standards Handbook

The Quality & Standards Handbook (QSH) is a virtual handbook, that is to say, a set of webpages and associated documentation drawing together all University policies, procedures and guidelines concerned with maintaining the standards, and assuring the quality, of academic programmes offered by Newcastle University. The Handbook also includes forms and checklists associated with the University's procedures for maintaining quality and standards, guidelines for the completion of these forms, and examples of good practice in the preparation of quality assurance documentation and the implementation of policy.

The Handbook is grouped into a number of headings, with some documents appearing under more than one heading where appropriate. In addition to accessing documents via these headings, separate comprehensive A to Z listings of the policies and forms contained within the Handbook are available.

An overarching statement of University quality assurance policies and processes is also available.

For policy queries, or to request copies of documentation in alternative formats please contact ltds@ncl.ac.uk, ext. 88491/83978