What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a software program which searches a huge database of journals, past student work and much of the internet to find strings of text which match with a piece of student work. A report showing these matches is produced and the report can be assessed to see if the matches are common phrases, correctly referenced, or not correctly referenced and require follow-up with the student.

Turnitin provides an online marking facility called GradeMark which is currently being used by staff across the University as pilot projects and a system which supports the management of peer marking.

How Turnitin is facilitated at Newcastle?

QuILT is responsible for the administration and providing pedagogic support for the use of Turnitin. If you want to make use of Turnitin as part of your strategy to improve academic practice and reduce plagiarism please email us and we will be in touch shortly to help.

Turnitin and plagiarism

It is important to stress that Turnitin does not "find" plagiarism – it is necessary for someone to look at the report and make a judgement about the information provided by from Turnitin.

The University’s resources on academic good practice can be found here on the Rite-Cite website and contain a wide range of resources for both staff and students.

The Student Progress Service publishes information on Assessment Irregularities (which covers plagiarism, and links to the Assessment Irregularities policy).

More general information on plagiarism is available.