Resources from Past Events

This page gives links to resources from past QuILT/LTDS quality enhancement events.  Resources include ReCap recordings, slides, handouts, and notes from discussions.  With speakers’ permission, they are added after events. 


Event title and speaker name(s)

Date of event


The Student Voice: enhancing learning, not just satisfaction

Gwen van der Velden (University of Bath)

4th April 2011

Gwen is Director of Learning and Teaching Enhancement at the University of Bath.  This seminar set out the principles of student engagement at Bath, what they mean in practice, and how they can be measured. 

Newcastle in Malaysia

Phil Bradley

22nd March 2011

Phil is Director of Studies at NUMed in Malaysia.  He gave an overview of academic provision there and work to ensure parity of experience for MBBS students in Malaysia and MBBS students in Newcastle. 

Alternative forms of assessment to long written work

Nuala Davis, Sandy Alden, Vee Pollock

18th March 2011

Vee, Sandy, and Nuala shared the findings of a project about staff and student perceptions of students with dyslexia: do they struggle with long written work?  Their project piloted alternative forms of assessment and explored what ‘inclusive assessment’ looks like in practice. 

Formative eAssessment

Simon Cotterill
Bill Foster, Christian Perfect, Anthony Youd

18th February 2011

Bill and team discussed their work using iAssess for ongoing formative assessment to help students learn, not only test what they have learned.  Simon introduced Dynamic Learning Maps : a tool to help students ‘map’ and navigate their curriculum, to enhance understanding and engage with their learning. 

Numbas is a software package for formative assessment. It has been used in Maths and the software is available for other staff in the University to use.

Other online assessment packages are available, with institutionally-supported ones including Blackboard and OLAF

Using real-life case studies when teaching students about sustainability
Jeff Hulse

21st January 2011

Jeff led a seminar about the Engineering Design Centre’s use of real-life case studies when teaching students about sustainability.  This included the ‘soft skills’ engineers need when talking about their work. 

Newcastle in Singapore
Ehsan Mesbahi

19th January 2011

Ehsan gave an overview of Newcastle University’s MAST collaborative provision in Singapore, and what this means for staff. 

Student engagement and higher NSS scores in SELLS

Kate Chedgzoy, Stacy Gillis

14th January 2011

Student retention and success, and NSS scores

Martin Pennington, Craig Bartle, and Kine Dorum (University of Leicester)

10th December 2010

Martin and team shared the findings of their HEFCE-funded project on student retention.  Do students feel they belong to their department and institution, and what does ‘belonging’ mean to a student? 


Improving teaching methodologies, increasing student retention

Tom Joyce, Jarka Glassey, and Clare Hopkins

26th November 2010

Jarka, Tom, and Clare’s seminar stemmed from their part in a HEFCE-funded project on student retention.  How can teaching and learning practices help students develop a sense of integration, and how can these improvements be embedded in Schools’ practices? 


Open Educational Resources

Megan Quentin-Baxter and Suzanne Hardy

9th November 2010

Megan and Suzanne led a seminar on MEDEV’s OER project.  This included ways to make existing learning materials available online, helping universities develop, share, and repurpose learning resources without infringing copyright. 

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