Joint Research Office

Newcastle Joint Research Office

Newcastle University Medical Sciences, Grants and Contracts Team (Newcastle University) and the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Research and Development Team (Newcastle Hospitals) have merged to form the Newcastle Joint Research Office (NJRO) and is now located at Regent Point, Gosforth.

The NJRO, which is led by Amanda Tortice, supports Newcastle University and Newcastle Hospitals in the development of research bids, negotiation and acceptance of grants and contracts and clinical trials, and also provides advice on adherence to research governance.

The aim is to provide an efficient, effective and streamlined service to support researchers in Newcastle University and the Newcastle Hospitals in securing external research funding whilst still adhering to and protecting Newcastle University and Newcastle Hospitals in their legislative requirements.

For guidance on Newcastle University and Newcastle Hospitals practices, procedures, guidelines and contacts please follow the link to NJRO:

Grants & Contracts (Joint Research Office)

Fiona Airey
Grants and Contracts Manager

Mhairi Anderson
Quality Assurance and Development Manager

Donna Armstrong
Assistant Grants and Contracts Manager

Melanie Carss
Grants Administrator

Rory Deane
Grants and Contracts Manager

Helen Gallon
Grants & Contracts Manager

Carole Greenwood
Grants Administrator

Jacqui Lambert
Quality Assurance Manager

Dorothy McGuiness
Grants Administrator

Jane Melrose
Research Grants Assistant

Deb Mudditt
Assistant Grants & Contracts Manager

Lynn Pratt
Research Grants Assistant

Dr Emma Raine
Biobank Coordinator

Keith Sibbald
Assistant Grants & Contracts Manager

Amanda Tortice
Head, Joint Research Office

R & D Trust (Joint Research Office)

Steph Blacklock
Guest Member of Staff

Joanna Ho
Guest Member of Staff

Andrew Johnston

Layla McMullen
Funding Development Support Officer

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 282 4925

Lesley McShane
Guest Member of Staff

Jill Peacock
Quality Assurance Manager

Sean Scott
R&D Facilitator

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 282 5490

Tracy Scott
Guest Status

Victoria Stevenson

Vicky Ternent
Guest Member of Staff

Michael White
Guest Member of Staff

Natalie Wilson
Guest Status

Pathology Node (Joint Research Office)

Claire Heron
Molecular Pathology Node Manager

Kate Kelly
Molecular Pathology Node Administrative