Intellectual Property

Exploitation of the University's Intellectual Property (IP)

As a publically funded organisation, the University is positively encouraged to exploit the results of research council and governmental projects, as a contribution to enhanced life, sustainability and competiveness of the UK. 

There are a number of ways your research outputs can be ‘exploited’ however they all start with the same entry point. The following section provides some information on how the Faculty-based Enterprise Teams can assist you in this journey.

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

Intellectual Property (IP) arises as a result of intellectual activity in the scientific, literary or artistic fields. For any University, IP is immensely important as it is the primary output of its core (research and teaching) activities and has a large part to play in establishing traceable examples of impact for the REF exercise. For this reason it is essential that IP is effectively protected, managed and exploited.

IP is not tangible but it is of great value and can be traded in the same way as any other form of property. It is important to note that the University has a contractual obligation to protect IP arising from Research Council or charitable institution funded research (see the University’s policy statement on intellectual property).