Do you have an invention

Commercialising Your Research Tools

Are you:

  • Interested in generating additional revenues?
  • Developing any new research tools?
  • Inundated with requests for your antibodies, cell lines and/or transgenic mice?

Make your reagents available to the scientific community.

Newcastle University and Cancer Research Technology (CRT) the commercialisation arm of Cancer Research UK, have signed an agreement with CRT to identify new monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies (and other research materials or reagents) created by Newcastle University scientists with a view to commercialising them through CRT's existing customer base.

CRT has been successfully commercialising research reagents for the past twenty years; they currently have a portfolio of over 600 antibodies and existing relationships with major life science reagents companies.

If you have any antibodies (and research material or reagents) that you think may be of interest, please complete the following Antibody Disclosure Form (Word: 121KB) and send to Dr. Melanie Hardman.

If you believe that your antibodies, research materials or reagents have wide-ranging and possibly novel diagnostic and/or therapeutic benefits, then please complete a copy of the University’s Invention Record Form (Word: 58KB) and send to Your Faculty Enterprise team.

If you would like to discuss anything directly regarding this scheme please contact CRT (below) or a member of your Faculty Enterprise Team:

Cancer Research Technology
Dr. Melanie Hardman
tel: (020) 7269 3321
fax: (020) 7269 3641