Do you have an invention

Do You Have an Invention?

If you are an academic/researcher at Newcastle University and believe you have an invention, please download and fill in the Invention Record Form (Word doc: 58KB) and send the completed form to your Faculty Enterprise Team. It really helps us if you provide as much information as possible at this stage including any preliminary results, supporting data and/or manuscript drafts of proposed publications. If you find the form difficult to complete please contact your Faculty Enterprise Team and they will seek to provide assistance.

It is worth noting that patenting your invention does not prevent subsequent publications. However publication or disclosure of technical details either verbally or in the form of a poster presentation can preclude patent protection, and in most cases, commercialisation. If you are planning on publishing in the near future please contact the Faculty Enterprise Team as soon as possible.

Once the Faculty Enterprise Teams have received your completed Invention Record Form, we will work with you to fully evaluate your invention, perform the necessary due diligence/prior-art searches, determining the technology's potential commercial worth and industrial application, as well as plan with you the appropriate protection and commercialisation strategy.