Research Costings and Internal Application Process

Application Process

All external funding or contract negotiations need to be logged via MyProjects Proposals and submitted to Grants and Contracts for them to validate.

What documents should I include on MyProjects Proposals?

  1. Full copy of final application (including all attachments)
  2. Copy of the application guidelines and/or terms and conditions
  3. Confirmation of Clinical Research Facility (CRF) costs if included
  4. Confirmation of animal costs (CBC) if included
  5. Confirmation of collaborator costs if they are receiving funds (Note it is not valid to include collaborator costs in MyProjects Proposals)
  6. Confirmation of sub-contractor costs if they are receiving funds
  7. Confirmation of any Ethical Approval via MyProjects Proposal

Once your application has been logged onto MyProjects Proposals you will receive a BH reference and you can then track the progress of your application.

Please contact your School Administrator/Research Support Officer for further guidance.