Research Account Activation

Managing Your Project Finances

Once Grants & Contracts/Joint Research Office accept the Research Award on behalf of the University, they will then complete the necessary paperwork to request a RES account to be set up, this will be passed to Research Accounting Services (RAS).

Once the account has been setup, RAS will inform the Principal Investigator and the SAP Administrator of the School/Institute of the new account number.

A copy of all paperwork will also be sent to Management Accounts for them to distribute any directly allocated and indirect costs:

  • The details of awards can be viewed by the PI and administrators using either the MyProjects or MyImpact systems, Grants and Contracts/Joint Research Office should be notified as soon as possible of any errors on the original record.
  • Grants and Contracts/Joint Research Office should be contacted if there are any changes to the award such as extensions in time or cost  
  • All financial aspects of the award such as billing, statements and invoices are managed by, and authorised by, Research Accounting Services
  • Expenditure Reports are all submitted and approved by Research Accounting Services. Final statements of Expenditure are sent for review before submission. Financial sanctions apply for late submission for some funders. Therefore it is important you answer any queries Research Account Service may have, as swiftly as possible.

Academic Reporting to Funders

Most funders will request the PI complete some form of reports. Some annual, some at the end of the project. This will be stipulated in your award terms and conditions. Some funders will require these reports to be authorised by the University, the Grants and Contracts/Joint Research Office will authorise on behalf of the University.

Research Council grants include the requirements for the PI to complete a final report, usually within three months after the end of the project. If the final report is not received, the Research Councils have the right to impose financial sanctions as described in the award terms and conditions and this cost will have to be incurred by the School/Institute.