Award, Contract Negotiations and authorisation

Award, Contract Negotiations and Authorisation

If your proposal is successful.

Grants & Contracts/Joint Research Office teams require the original letter and/or contract which will be fully reviewed by the team and they will sign acceptances, and return paperwork to the Funder accepting the award on behalf of the University.

Please be aware of deadlines for return of signatures i.e. Medical Research Council require the acceptance to be returned within 14 days of the date of the award letter.

It is at this point the Grants & Contracts/Joint Research Office teams will draft and negotiate the relevant contracts such as collaborative agreements, subcontracts or research agreements for staff. Please note that the costings obtained at the application stage will form the basis of these agreements within the finance schedules.

If ethics and governance approval is not required, your RES account paperwork will then be passed to Research Accounting Services (RAS) to have your RES account opened.

If ethics and governance approval is required, University Research Office/Joint Research Office will require approval letters before your research account can be opened