Procedures for Ethical Review

Procedures for Ethical Review - Stage 1

Preliminary Ethical Review

If your project is funded then you will complete the ‘Preliminary Ethics’ form within the MyProjects Proposals system as part of your project costing  / set up.

Once the costs have been completed and a MyProjects reference assigned then there will be a series of questionnaires to answer of which the ‘Preliminary Ethics Questionnaire’ is one. The system will allow any team member to complete the questions in the first instance. However the ultimate responsibility for the accuracy of the answers lies with the Principal Investigator and it is therefore important that they are satisfied before signing off the proposal.

If the project is unfunded or is a student project then it is unlikely that the project will go through the MyProjects system.

The Questionnaire(s)

The questions are designed to determine whether your project will need a full ethical review should it be successful.  There are 5 distinct sections; Animals, NHS & Social Care, Humans In a non-clinical setting, Data, Environment International and depending on your answers then you will be directed to the most appropriate Ethical review committee. The four outcomes are:

- External approval from the NHS REC (
- Animal Welfare Ethics Review Board
- Faculty Ethics Committee
- No ethical review required

(If you have already obtained ethical approval, you will be provided with the opportunity to note this and in doing so you will not be required to complete the rest of the form).

If you do require full Ethical review then you will receive further instructions from the system once the award notification has been received.