Students and Research Ethics

Students and Research Ethics

It is important that all students give substantial thought to the issue of ethics whilst planning their project. If you are in any doubt about your project’s ethical implications or the review process, please speak with your supervisor. 

Information for Postgraduate Research Students

The process of ethical review is embedded within the electronic 'PGR Project Approval' process. All postgraduate research students must complete at least a preliminary ethical review (and where necessary a full review) in order to progress with their projects and studies.

Useful resources:

- Preliminary Ethical Approval Questionnaire
- University Full Ethical Approval Form
- Ethics Toolkit

The process for the approval of PGR projects in HASS is detailed within the link

Information for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students

SAgE undergraduate and postgraduate taught students are asked to complete the Preliminary Ethical Assessment form for all modules involving research projects. The module leader will then review the forms to ensure that ethical aspects of the research have been considered.

If full ethical approval is required, UG/PGT students should then follow the procedure outlined in 3(iii) in the SAgE Ethical Approval document.

For undergraduate and postgraduate taught students in IoN/Psychology, please follow the IoN/Psychology Ethics Committee procedure outlines by the Institute of Neuroscience Psychology Ethics Committee. If the project is not covered by a programme approval, the student will need to submit an individual Projects Ethics Approval form (Word).

Although there is no formal process for ethical review for undergraduate or postgraduate taught students in HASS or FMS (except Psychology) for the time being, it is advised that students contact their school or supervisor in the first instance.

Students and NHS/NRES

If it is determined that your project needs approval from the NRES system within the NHS, please contact the Joint Research Office for further details about the process and application requirements.