Research Training for Academics

Research Training For Academics

The Research Funding Development Managers have developed bite size workshops (internal access only) including:

  • How Research Funding Works and how to find it
  • Case of Support
  • The abstract in layman's terms
  • Justification of resources
  • Economic and Social Impact including public engagement
  • Preparing your scientific CV
  • Referees and peer review

JES (Electronic Submission)

How to use JES and other types of Electronic Submissions contact Donna Cook for a one-to-one training course or Group request.

MyProjects Proposals (Costing and Pricing Tool)

MyProjects Proposals is costing and pricing tool to aid researchers complete the costing and pricing information for their research projects.


MyProjects and reports is the follow on system from MyProjects Proposals and used to support and record University projects. The system is used by Research Enterprise Services and Finance Support teams. Access for Administrators and Academics is on a Read Only basis including some report access.


MyImpact (internal access only) is a web based person centric project outcome system including Publications, Teaching Modules, PGR Supervisions, Projects including Research and Consultancy and the ability to amend your own Web-Profile.

Staff Development Unit (SDU)

The Staff Development Unit supports a wide variety of workshops from personal development, leadership courses and how to use IT programmes including: