MyImpact Project Management

MyImpact Project Management

MyImpact Project Steering Group

Prof N Wright (Chair), Mr P Ramsey, Dr R Harrison, Prof  D Zizzo, Mr G Evans, Mr J Hills, Prof W Hofer, Mr David Hill, Ms R Walker, Mr J Williams, Dr R Lawlor, Mrs L Taylor, Ms Lois Neal, Dr J Callaghan

Will approve the development programme, review progress and risks, resolve escalated issues, and agree resource allocation. This Group is accountable to EB for the project. Meets by-monthly reporting back to URC and reports to EB.

MyImpact Delivery Team

Mr P Ramsey (Project Manager), Mr A Rouf (technical team)

Plus representatives from other services/faculties e.g ISS, CWT, Library depending on phase of project

Meets fortnightly to set tasks for the next stage and monitors progress

MyImpact Data Owners Group (already exists as HESA group)

D Hill, A Fisher (HR), D Richardson (CM), M Parkinson (Finance), A Bell (Finance), T Stevenson, S Frater (Planning), R Walker (Planning)

Meets to consider issues of data and integrity of the data in the base systems and advise on project where necessary


MyImpact User Group

MyImpact Project Management Group and key users (Head of Academic Unit, School/Institute administrators, academic and support staff) as required

Planned periodic meetings/briefings for end users in order to gain opinion and user acceptance testing